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One of the best things about the online slot game craze that online gamblers are living amongst at the moment, has to be the amazing amount of themed games there are. You can find many of these best slots to play over at Slotsmummy, go and check it out today.

Developers like Yggdrasil, Microgaming, NetEnt Gaming and more, are going out of their way to create more and more adventurous online slots that push the boat out further each time, leaving the humble fruit machine way in the distance – a couple of cherries and an orange are a mere spec on the horizon, these days.

The themes of these games are ranging from the classic to the elaborate to the darn right strange, but every addition to the army of online slot games out there already is a welcome one. For, there is always some one out there who will find a moment of fun in a peculiarly themed slot game and it is this ‘something for everyone feel,’ that have made online slot games the sensation they are.

In celebration of this fun themed range of games, we have rounded up our top 5 slots with a fun theme. From Ancient Egypt to the Luck o’ the Irish, and a whole load in between, here are 5 great themed slots.

Caravan to Cairo

We start with the Egyptian theme but not as you know it!

Caravan to Cairo uses the usual blend of pyramids, mummies and the like, but mixes them up with a fun narrative that sees a group of friends travelling to the Egyptian heartland… via caravan. Really well animated characters, all of whom are animals, make for a fun slot game all round that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Mega Moolah

The theme of Mega Moolah is very simple… big wins.

Massive wins, in fact, as this jackpot themed slot game actually holds the world record for giving out the biggest ever jackpot on an online slot game. Now that’s a fun theme for a slot. 

The Codfather

Slot games often tend to have a good sense of humour and few of them make us giggle more than this title. 

What is the theme exactly? Movie parody? Aquatic mafia theme? Basically, it’s the legendary movie, The Godfather, but with fish.

Rainbow Riches

We mentioned we would stop by Ireland on this trip of 5 fun slot games with a theme and here we are now, following the rainbow all the way to the pot o’ gold.

This luck ‘of the Irish themed slot is a true classic, first introduced as an offline game in pubs, clubs and the like. Rainbow Riches packs lots of colour and for many players, lots of gold! The first in the series, there is a lot of games that have followed this iconic slot game.

Zombie Rush

Moving onto a more modern classic, Zombie Rush used a zombie apocalypse to create a fun theme for a slot game.

A little but scary, too, we follow the narrative of friends trying to run for their lives… it is fun, we promise.

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