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Top 6 layout of the Kitchen in St. Petersburg - Ani-Mebel Kitchen

The main activities in a typical kitchen are performed along with the three work triangles – the stove, the fridge, and the sink. Most modern low and mid-range home stoves are constructed with at least two burners, with one on each side of the work triangle. A standard kitchen layout allows a cook to prepare three meals in an 8-inch square; a full meal requires a bigger kitchen. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the main kitchen functions and the various cooking methods that can be used to prepare meals in the kitchen. Kitchens contain the following layouts:

  1. One wall
  2. Galley layout
  3. L shaped
  4. Horseshoe
  5. Island’s kitchen
  6. Peninsula

Kitchen in St Petersburg, Russia


The kitchen arrangement of the one wall is usually seen in the studio or the loft rooms, first termed “the Pullman kitchen.” The cabinets and equipment are mounted on one wall. Most modern designs contain an island that transforms space into a kind of Galley style with a passage.

The most popular layout of the kitchen consists of a single-wall kitchen floor plan. This type of layout makes it easy to do almost everything in one room. The only exception to the single-wall layout would be to have a separate preparation area on one wall with a pull-out dishwasher or oven on another wall.

In this case, the kitchens would be optimized for one task instead of having multiple preparation areas. With a single-wall kitchens layout, the stove, sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher will all be located in the same place.

Galley Kitchen Idea

This economical, “clean” design is appropriate for areas and kitchens that are modest. Two walls opposing one other, or two parallel counters with a pathway between them, describe the galley kitchens, also called a walking kitchens. Galleys employ all square inches of space optimally, and there are no trouble-fitting corner cabinets that might add to the cabinet budget. The Kitchen in St. Petersburg (Кухня в СПб) has a galley layout with an island to organize and alluring.

There are many layout options for the galley-style kitchens. The single-wall galley layout is ideal if you need a small amount of cooking space. This layout consists of one large countertop on which food items can be placed.

Under the single large wall of the galley unit is a small array of sinks and cooktops. Depending on your kitchens layout, there may be enough room to store appliances but not so much that there is no free space for movement.


The difficulty of maximizing corner space may be resolved in a L form kitchens and is an intelligent design for small and medium-sized kitchens. The multi-faceted L-form kitchens has counters on two non – parallel walls that create an L. The ‘wings’ of the L can be as lengthy as you like, but it can be used efficiently if you keep them below 12 to 15 feet.

You may remove traffic with an L-shaped layout: the kitchen does not become a whole stretch because it cannot be used technically. Moreover, you may easily add to this arrangement a dining room and other working areas. However, avoid this arrangement if your kitchen is big and different settings can be supported. Such as installing an island or when several chefs use space.


There are three cabinet walls of the horseshoe or U-shape kitchens design. It is an L-shaped kitchen, with an island that forms the third ‘Wall,’ from three walls. “This design works well since it makes traffic and workflow throughout the island possible,”

Island’s kitchen

There may be appliances and storage cabinets in the working kitchens — and a different surface for the kitchens is always added. You can dine (with chairs), make meals (with basin), and store drinks. A single-wall kitchens is possible on the island in galley style and an L-format horseshoe arrangement.

Kitchen islands are unbelievably workable, but no one island myth is that everyone should have one. Many kitchens simply do not have sufficient clearance to incorporate this element.

Kitchens islands can be installed anywhere. There are specific islands designed specifically for bar stools, countertops, and even stoves. Island designs are an economical way to optimize the amount of usable floor space. It is the best layout of the Kitchen in St. Petersburg. With kitchens islands, you can install storage cabinets and appliances where you need them and still have plenty of room to move about the kitchens.

Peninsula Kitchens

The kitchen on the peninsula is simply a continuous island, which may be transformed from an L-shaped layout into a horseshoe or a horseshoe. Peninsulas work as much as islands but provide additional room for kitchens that do not enable an entire island to have suitable square footage.


Whether you have a single or double-walled layout, numerous layout options will work for you. The key to a successful design is finding the best combination of efficiency and visual appeal while maintaining the flow of your home.

If you do your homework and select the appliances and cabinets that will work best for you. You will be more pleased with your results than selecting an incorrect layout. SO this article explained the top six layouts of the Kitchen in St. Petersburg.

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