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As the year 2021 enters the last month of its being, it’s time to look back at the top Indian bridal jewelry ideas that captured everyone’s attention. From finding their place around the necks of celebrities to being top choices for many people, we compile a list of the best pieces of jewelry that brides set their eyes on.

It will be fascinating to note that while some were contemporary choices, many were inspired from the past. Also, the focus was more on personalization, as designs made to suit the color palette and skin tone of the one adorning it was considered. Here’s what grabbed the headlines.

Cross-culture jewelry: As cross-culture marriages are on the rise, jewelry choices for a traditional wedding are seeing a culmination of trends from two different cultures. Such buy jewelry online features pieces about the traditions from the two other parts of the country. A traditional Nath is thus seen to be worn with the South Indian kasuluperu, along with neckpieces of different lengths. This look is not only charming and novel but also enables freshness and warmth.

An array of stones: From dazzling diamonds to beautifully hued emeralds and rubies, stones have found greater prominence in bridal jewelry this year. Of particular interest have been the multi-layered sets of Polki jewelry, that have been worn in different lengths and layers. As bling on a bride can never be enough, stones have found their way into the bangles, matha patti, Nath, necklaces, and hearts of its wearers.

Antique and temple jewelry: Considered to be the most important part of the bridal trousseau for a South Indian wedding, temple jewelry saw many more takers from across the country this year. With traditional elements of Indian Gods and Goddesses carefully crafted, this jewelry was seen in the form of necklaces, waistbands, and armlets. Along with symbols of Gods, one can also see nature-inspired motifs of flowers, leaves, and even architecture in this pattern.

The quintessential pearls: Once known to be the best kind of jewelry for formal wear, it’s fascinating to see how designers have expanded the versatility of using pearls in bridal jewelry. Enhancing the beauty of many buy bridal sets online, these can be seen in necklaces, Jhumkas, bangles, bracelets, and more. Available in sizes ranging from rice pearls to huge freshwater pearls beads in hues of pink and gold, these enhance the beauty of any jewelry they are paired with.

Heirloom jewelry: The trend to wear the jewelry that your grandmother owned has been much celebrated in 2021. Polished to perfection, these pieces highlight the rich craftsmanship of the past and showcase the era of unique handmade pieces. However, if you don’t have such a piece of heirloom jewelry, then you can find inspired jewelry online, making it possible for everyone to enjoy this trend.

Material versatility: 2021 also showed the willingness and interest of new-age brides to adopt new materials into their bridal trousseau. While once only yellow gold was considered the go-to material for bridal jewelry, now silver, platinum, shades of gold, and vintage hues are being experimented with too. Either with a matte finish or a gloss one, a bride is now finding it possible to express her individuality and create her style statement.

Flexibility of range: While brides in the past would have a limited budget and thus limited pieces of jewelry, today’s high-end craftsmanship and low-cost materials have made more possible within a tight budget. Brides have plenty of jewelry set options to choose from. Shopping online has become the trend, for the online marketplace allows them to compare jewelry easily, view the entire range, and shop from the comfort of where they are. Buy your bridal set online, as this enables you to adorn a new kind of jewelry for every occasion during the wedding.

Having a pulse on the current market trend can enable brides to make better decisions on what they wish to wear on their big day. However, whatever you choose, do ensure that it goes well with your bridal attire. Additionally, it is essential to match your jewelry to your skin tone as well. Steer clear of online jewelry stores with unbelievably priced sales and opt for trusted names instead. This will ensure that whatever you buy will be something you can enjoy for a longer time to come.

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