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Artificial intelligence has brought technological shifts in every industry across the globe, to help companies stay more competitive. Most organizations work to deploy AI in their products and processes. These range from finance, technology, retail, healthcare, cybersecurity, and many others. Hence, AI and its significant impact are well visible across almost all industries, with increasing demand for professionals with necessary AI skills.

As per the records, by 2030, Artificial Intelligence would contribute more than USD 15.7 trillion to the world economy, says PwC. AI Certifications are the digital badges that can let hiring companies measure your expertise with the evidence of AI-specific skills you have earned. To let you go ahead with the ideal choice for AI education here is a compilation of the best AI Certifications online to grab a secure career in AI.

1.    AI Certification by MIT

MIT has contributed to the rise in Artificial Intelligence and various other categories of jobs worldwide to help businesses succeed using an AI-empowered future. The Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence encourages the participants to make progressive advancements using Natural Language Processing, deep learning, predictive analytics, and other algorithms.

The Certification program is designed for the professionals who hold a Bachelor’s degree in any technical area, or the managers who wish to have an understanding of the opportunities, hurdles, and costs in predictive modelling, etc.

This Certification has two courses: Machine Learning for Big Data and Text Processing, basic for those who are getting started with the AI and Machine Learning concepts, while the advanced involves high-level concepts designed particularly to drive them in specific industries.

How to Register

To register for the Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, you must first submit an application with USD 325 application fee. Once your application is accepted, you must select the certificate program that suits you and then apply for individual courses. The core courses start from USD 2500 with both live and virtual classes.

2.    AI Certification by Stanford

Stanford offers an Artificial Intelligence Professional Program focusing on the working professionals who wish to dive deep into the AI-based topics at the graduate level but provides additional scope and flexibility in the AI education curriculum.

The professional AI certification gives the best opportunities to explore both theoretical and project-specific learning methods. The courses in this certification are based on the materials and lectures delivered in the campus graduate courses.

The three-course certificate is worthwhile in your AI career perspective to excel as AI scientists and AI engineers. It covers essential topics like Python proficiency, calculus, linear algebra, and probability theory.

How to Register

To earn the Stanford Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, you must complete three courses of 8-12 hours per week or two courses in AI program and one course in AI Graduate program. To apply, you must complete a short application and the tuition fee per course is USD 1595.

3.    AI Certifications by USAII

USAII is well-known for the versatility and the ultra-latest career-specific skills they impart with the certifications to the learners. The Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE) is the most useful career-starter certification that boosts your Artificial Intelligence engineering skills. USAII also provides certifications for professionals who are in their mid-level or senior-level of their careers. The Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC) and Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist (CAIS) are worth it for upskilling in AI strategy and AI’s techno-commercial perspectives.

These are one of the best AI certifications across the globe with a key focus on the professionals who wish to see themselves as competent in the market as AI engineers and AI scientists. The courses help them to polish their AI skills and establish more practical as well as real-world based experience.

CAIE gives you professional know-how and practical skills to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning that contribute to the business workflows. This certification program aims at undergraduates, graduates, and diploma students across the globe who prepare for AI/ML careers.

How to Register

All USAII certification programs are priced all inclusive with no application fee and its easier to create an account on their platform and apply for the chosen program for free. Instantly you can pay for the applied program and start your learning. Their program fee ranges from USD 581 to USD 793.

4.    AI Certifications in North Carolina

The AI certification courses by Nobleprog beholds the tag of offering hands-on practice on how to deploy the AI solutions to resolve real-world issues.

The onsite AI live training focuses on managers and business leaders who develop a desire in learning about the basics of AI and to manage AI-based projects for organizations.

The training gives participants an understanding of the AI concepts at the technical level and uses AI strategies to build the data /resources for successful AI project management.

How to Register

To apply for any AI programs, you must book your slot for the program by selecting the relevant course and pay the amount for the course which ranges from USD 2999 onwards.

5.    AI Certifications by Georgia Tech

The AI certification program by Georgia Tech is designed for the students who are already familiar with the basic graduate-level mathematical concepts like linear algebra, calculus, analytical geometry, and probability, along with the computer science concepts like data structures, algorithms, etc.

Additionally, the students must have computer programming knowledge, and the certification mainly focuses on the use of Python to perform programming assignments. The course mainly focuses on Computational Perception and Robotics Interactive Intelligence.

This course is an ideal pick if you have a working knowledge of the aforementioned mathematical concepts. If you are familiar with Python and confident to make modifications for complex programs, then this certification course is a fit for you.

How to Register

Georgia Tech courses are aligned with live and interactive online sessions with a start and end date for the program. You can apply for the program and make the payment of USD 1600 and above.

6.    AI Certifications by IBM

IBM has experience in delivering technological solutions and helps data scientists to work with the updated trends in large enterprises through certification courses. The six-course certifications are designed to let data scientists implement AI solutions. The sessions cover ideal practices for AI scientists when considering the big enterprises, identification of business priorities, and operationalization.

The course utilizes real-world scenarios and links the business priorities to practical implementations. Every specialization requires a project hurdle to be completed, and upon completion of every project successfully, you earn the certificate.

How to Register

To register for the program, you can enroll with Coursera for free and then make the payment for the exam if you require a certificate from IBM and Coursera.

7.    AI Certifications by Harvard

The AI Certifications by Harvard create value for your profession with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The certification program, Artificial Intelligence in Business: Creating Value with Machine Learning, helps you learn about the AI trends and lets you gain the strategic aspects of the AI technologies.

The course gives you the ability to evaluate the challenges, uncertainty, and ambiguity of AI. You get to learn how to conceptualize and build the business implications from AI and use practical exposure to seek actionable exploration for them.

The attractive part is the digital certificate of participation you earn from Harvard University. This program is for you if you work with technologies and wish to know how ML and AI transform the business ecosystem.

How to Register

This is an on-campus program with a start and end date. The duration of the program is 2-consecutive days and there is no registration fee to apply for the program. Once applied you need to make a payment of USD 2,895 and earn the certificate.


Since AI certifications open a path toward successful AI education with relevance to the business requirements, the above-recommended courses prove to be more effective for your career in AI. To make the most out of your learning experience, choose the best AI certifications that compliment your current education prospects or your current career.

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