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Top 7 SEO Software to Improve Your Search Ranking Are you searching for Top 7 SEO Software to Improve Your Search Ranking then you are in right place Today, latest SEO trends play a vital role in determining your online presence. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it determines whether your website matches the current standards of specified guidelines by the search engines. If you wish for your website to get more traffic and exposure, you need to maintain a strong SEO profile. Building traffic for your newly created website, you have to work hard to build a strong off-page SEO structure. There are various SEO tools available online, which can help you to do necessary analysis. The very first thing you should do is your competitor’s analysis. Try to find out the keywords they are already ranked for, the sources of back links etc. In order to find these crucial information and improve your online presence, you can use the following top 5 best SEO software available today:

  1. SEMRush
SEMRush is the most popular and powerful tool to start your SEO campaign. You can easily check your competitor website and find out the high paying keywords for which that website is getting traffic. If you are running an Adsense website, then SEMRUSH is the best tool to find high paying Adsense keywords.
  1. Ahrefs
Although I kept Ahrefs as #1 in this list, but many people prefer Ahref as one of the best SEO tools. There is no doubt that Ahrefs has many better features compared to SEMRush. But I am more comfortable with SEMRush and that’s why it is in the #1 position in my list. Ahrefs site audit feature, content gap etc. are their strong selling points.
  1. Screaming Frog
Screaming frog is a very popular SEO softwar used by many online experts. This is considerably much faster while analysing your queries compared to other best SEO tools. You can do various other analyses like duplicate content, any technical errors to fix, bad redirections, how to improve your link building etc.
  1. KWFinder
KWFinder is a new tool but very much effective while doing keyword research. They are mainly popular for finding long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are the ideal keywords for which one can attract lots of organic traffic.  You can save up to 20% using the special KWFinder Coupon Code.
  1. SEO PowerSuite
SEO Powersuite offers a dedicated program called LinkAssistant, which is specifically designed for link building. You need to choose a research technique from a number of prospecting options and LinkAssistant will then run a search, and find you 100s of prospects. The results will also display the value of each prospect. If you like a specific prospect, you can easily contact them directly from the program, without having to open another window.
  1. MOZ
MOZ is a very popular SEO tool on which many people depend upon. If you want to check your domain authority, then the first name will come to your mind is the MOZ Open Site Explorer (OSE). But this is not the end, as MOZ itself will provide various tools to do every SEO analysis.
  1. SpyFu
SpyFu is another SEO tool which is available for free as well as premium version. You can use their free version and do some initial analysis. Find out the low competition keywords, how many times they were searched every month, difficulty to rank them etc. Conclusion SEO is the key to drive traffic to your website. One can’t avoid the key SEO techniques while blogging. On top of that, you must know what your competitors are doing to drive more business. In such case, you must have to depend up on these key SEO tools. Although there are various free SEO tools which are helpful, but you can’t do 100% analysis and plan your actions without a premium tool like SEMRUSH or Ahrefs. These 2 are the best among all the mentioned and one can’t imagine the power of these tools without using them. Are you using any of these tools? Which one is the best SEO tool from your experience? Please write a comment below to share your experience.]]>

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