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Surfing Spots

One of the biggest beauties of the surfing sport is that it can be performed at hundreds of amazing locations around the world. Not only is it a highly appreciated sport in the western world, it is also very well received in Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. Hence, we’ve combined the world’s best surfing hotspots into the following lists for you to add to your future travel plans, wherever you may be!

Surf Pool Wadi Adventure, United Arab Emirates

One of the more unique pics of this list, the surf pool at Wadi Adventure amusement park is a fantastical experience for those who want to gain a feel for surfing. The surf pool is so technologically advanced, it can create adjusted rights, lefts and even barrels. ALthough definitely not as stunning as a natural surfing spot, surf pools like the one in Wadi Adventure may soon become the future of surfing.

Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil

Sao Francisco do Sul hosts many surfing competitions annually, so not only will you be having an unforgettable time surfing on its waves yourself, you can also take the time to watch world renowned surfing competitions first hand.

The sandbar is located on the east coast of Brazil, just below San Paulo. The area is also surrounded by many welcoming bars, making for a great holiday destination.

The Box, Margaret River Valley, Australia

The Box is famous for its seamless and rapid transitions from deep to shallow water. Definitely a surfing spot to consider for more experienced and advanced surfers, the Box offers short and powerful right-hand barrels, and allows for late take offs as well. The Box is a great surfing option to consider for all the thrill-seeking surfers around the world.

Backdoor, Oahu, Hawaii

Backdoor is another experts-only surfing spot, as its reef bottom creates fast, hollow and difficult-to-navigate water tubes. Close to the Pipeline in terms of intensity, Backdoor is a great surfing location for those who want to get a taste of dangerous surfing, before committing to higher level waves.

Fulong Beach, Taiwan

Fulong Beach in Taiwan is the perfect place to bring a surfer for a relaxing holiday. With great camping options nearby, the beach is a unique mix of excitement and calmness. The waves along the sandbar range between one to two meters and can be both right-peeling and left-peeling.

The Bubble, Canary Islands

The Bubble is a right-hand tube which is best ridden by expert surfers. Surfers can experience the best head-high to double overhead on these classic waves, and will always feel encouraged to give it a go by all the enthusiastic locals. As most waves in the Canaries are located within surf-loving communities, you’re sure to feel right at home at the Bubble.

Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand is already a prime holiday destination, let alone when you combine surfing and other fun water activities with it! Surfers can spend the day relaxing on the waves, and turn to the famous street stalls and night performances after dark!

Before planning a trip to visit all these amazing surfing spots around the world, it is always best to prepare with the right surfing gear. Wetsuits for example are an absolute must when it comes to safe and comfortable surfing. Be sure to make all the preparations you need before visiting one of these surfing hotspots!

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