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As a student about to finish your college or university studies, you are required to have done an internship with a reputable company as part of your degree or certificate course. For you to be matched for an internship, you ought to have identified a company that’s in line with your study major.

An internship is an excellent way to gain valuable work experience while expanding your professional network. To apply for an opportunity, you have to write the statement of interest internship to the company you wish to work for. Here are some interesting tips to make your internship application stand out;

Basic Internship Application Tips

  1. Time for internship application: You don’t have to wait for the period in which companies’ role out internship opportunities or the varsity says it’s time for sending applications, to do it. You can start earlier than the recommended period.

It will enable the company you have applied to, to evaluate your request and consider you quite early than those applications that come in bulk from different students in a given time.   

  1. Attach a cover letter to your resume: When sending your resume to the company you are applying for an internship, ensure you attach a cover letter that briefly expresses your intention and interest to the company. The cover letters can also be referred to as personal statements for internships.

You ought to ensure that your cover letter is error-free and well-written to enable you to be considered for the said internship.

When it comes to your Statement of Interest and Other Application Materials

  1. Use keywords in your resume or cover letter: Ensure that you use relevant keywords to capture the attention of the recruiter but be tactful in their applications. Recruiters usually look for specific keywords in your resume and cover letter to check if you are of importance to the company, or you will be just a liability.
  2. Tailor make your resume for the job you want: It is quite common for people who seek employment to write just one resume and send copies to several companies. However, this inhibits the creativity of individuals that would allow recruiters to connect with them and eventually to lose the job opportunity. It is better to write one’s resume, according to the company’s requirements and expectations.
  3. Quantitative vs. Qualitative: When giving details of your previous experiences, ensure that you are not only providing job descriptions but the detailed information on the tasks performed. Doing this makes your resume outstanding and quite personal, thus captures the attention of the recruiters with numbers.

Final Touches on your Internship Application Documents

  1. Review your documents thoroughly: Counter checks your resume, for any grammar and typo errors. Never overlook these errors for it might cost you big time. Always ensure that your resume is updated.
  2. Make it look nice and presentable: Making a memorable first impression is crucial to any interaction, especially to job seekers. Your resume is the first impression of yourself to the recruiters, and it is in your best interest to take advantage of such an opportunity.

Submitting a well-constructed, formatted resume will instantly inform the recruiters that you are organized.

Just like you would put much effort in your UC boulder admissions request, so should you in crafting your internship application documents. Ensure that what you put together meets the company’s requirements for placement. Always put your best foot forward.

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