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How is it that as soon as the holidays are over, winter only becomes the time to daydream about summer weather? If you live somewhere cold, where everything is damp, the air is sharp and the wind is blowing nonstop, then you must be thinking of traveling somewhere with nicer weather.

You can take a look at the cities with the best weather in the USA that are not necessarily tourist destinations, should you like to move there, but we made a list of the ones that offer an amazing tourist experience. The USA offers numerous opportunities for travel and popular whale watching destinations along its coastlines such as the whale watching Long Beach adventure. After all, you ought to expect sightseeing, exploring, going out, and having a good time, all while enjoying the beautiful cloudless sky in places all around USA with the use of  luggage storage union station options dropping extra bags is easier than ever which will save your time and provide a hassle-free trip.

 1.Santa Rosa, California

Wine Country’s Santa Rosa has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate and is a lush place to escape to. The first thing to do in Santa Rosa is to, of course, drink wine. After that, there are plenty of extravagant activities for you to do.

Landscape exploring does not sound that odd until you learn that it includes spotting giraffes, zebras, and rhinos. If you need less nature in your vacation, there are numerous boutiques, historic homes, and city squares. City squares tell the town’s rich history and are a location of different events throughout the year, so make sure you don’t miss out on that. 

The museum dedicated to the Peanuts comic strip and its author Charles M. ‘’Sparky Schulz’’ is full of memorabilia and artifacts for comic lovers. And for aviation enthusiasts there is a Pacific Coast Air Museum, that provides the experience of a fighter jet and military helicopter pilots, just to start with. 

There’s plenty to see in Santa Rosa, not to mention drink, but it is not an affordable vacation. If you want to enjoy Wine Country’s best, you will have to splurge a bit.

 2. Boise, Idaho

The Potato State’s capital city has one of the most pleasant year-round climates in the US, according to some sources. If you like to update your social media feed as you travel, Boise has some surprisingly photographable spots.

There are not many places such as Perrine Bridge, not only it is a marvelous view, but it offers adrenaline-induced activities such as BASE jumping. This man-made wonder is almost 500 feet high and is in the top 10 highest bridges in the States.

Hikers enjoy Boise, there are endless trails to take, each leading to astonishing views. If you like greenery, but don’t like hiking, Idaho Botanical Garden is the right spot for you. As you can see, there is something for everyone in this city.

Walkthrough the Freak Alley, get creeped out by the rustic bridges and old buildings, but in a good way. Something is surprising at almost every corner of Boise, Idaho.

 3. Charleston, South Carolina

While we are on the subject of cloudless skies and warm weather, let’s not forget Charleston with its annual low temperature of 56oF. This city is known for its lavish architecture and beautiful beaches. 

Charleston is a rather instagrammable city, because of a few distinct architectural styles that each mark a period in the town’s history. So you can imagine that the sightseeing tours are interesting. 

There is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity in Downtown Charleston. This is reflected in the plethora of art and history museums, as well as theaters that feature contemporary and classical pieces. 

So, if you like sunset walks on cobblestone walkways and beach sand, rainbow houses, horse-riding, or top-notch restaurants – Charleston is a place you should visit.

 4. Orlando, Florida

The Theme Parks City is an exemplary travel destination during the winter months. Warm and dry weather lasts up until May when the temperatures get higher, but it starts raining and the air is humid.

So, what is there to do in Orlando? Well, you can visit dozens of theme parks in and around the city. Universal’s Island of Adventure, Disney’s Magic Kindom, and Legoland are just some of the many touristic attractions for families. Universal Studios is a Hollywood-inspired theme park created especially for movie lovers.

Camping is a big tourist attraction in Orlando; it has almost two thousand different camping sites available, with running water and electricity. This city is also surrounded by farmland, so you can visit local farms, enjoy the scenic roads and shop for local goods.

 5. Santa Fe, New Mexico

With more than 300 sunny days Santa Fe is perfect for those who don’t like to be too warm or too cold, but just right. The City Different is the name often used to describe this place. Its charm lies in the atypicality of the people and the culture.

Santa Fe is an ideal place for art lovers because of its diverse arts scene. This city is well stocked with galleries, studios, museums, and colonies. If you like to read or write, you would be interested to know that many writers have lived there, some still do – like George R.R. Martin.

You can enjoy opera in Santa Fe Opera House, or explore the city using the Margarita trail. If you are a gourmand you will be delighted to know that Santa Fe-s culinary scene is one of the richest in the whole country.

There are plenty of things to do in Santa Fe, so if you would like nicer weather to enjoy with your family, partner, or yourself, New Mexico’s capital is the place for you.

 6. Henderson, Nevada

Declared the best walking city in America, Henderson wins the hearts of all hikers. And the best time to hike around Henderson is right about now because the summers are just what you would expect from a desert summer.

Although the party is in Las Vegas, the second-largest city in Nevada offers plenty of casinos, and you can stay in one of the many resorts. If you like history, you should take a tour of the city and find out why was Henderson important during World War II.

Henderson is the city for leisure lovers and hedonists, less so for the adrenaline junkies. You can hike, swim in the resort pools, gamble, or just enjoy the warm weather. However, you never know what exciting things can happen in the desert.

 7. St. George, Utah

St. George has the ultimate weather, it is warm, dry, and cloudless. The city is located near the most famous canyon in the world – the Grand Canyon, and one of the most dangerous views in Zion National Park. 

Stay in the city, and you can take the opportunity of exploring the natural wonders of North America. Zion National Park has astonishing and dangerous spots. There is a narrow trail called Angles Landing, recorded as the most dangerous public hike in the US. Not for the light-hearted.

Seven Different States and Weathers

Here you have seven different cities from seven different states, each with its own climate. From hot, summer-like winters to cold, but dry winters – there’s something for everyone. It is up to you to pick and choose what suits you best. 

Here are some top travel destinations in the US: Hawaii for its tropical paradise, Grand Canyon for its natural wonder, Las Vegas for its lively entertainment, New Orleans for its vibrant culture, Miami for its beaches, San Francisco for its iconic landmarks, and Yellowstone National Park for its natural wonders.

Sometimes the unexpected places can offer the most amazing, unforgettable experiences. So, don’t miss out on cities with beautiful sceneries, warm weather, as well as people. Who knows, maybe you like it so much, you decide that your travel destination could be your new home.

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