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This article equips readers with the knowledge to evaluate and select the best YouTube to MP4 converter based on individual use cases and priorities around speed, quality, safety, and ease of use. Employing the right video conversion tools unlocks the power of multimedia content.

What is a YouTube to MP4 Conversion tool?

A YouTube to MP4 converter makes you download and convert YouTube videos into the MP4 format. This versatile tool provides several advantages:

Portability – MP4 files can play on most devices, making your videos easy to watch offline anywhere.

Storage – MP4 compression shrinks file sizes, saving precious storage space on your computer or mobile device.

Quality – Even substantially compressed, MP4 retains strong video and audio quality.

Flexibility – The MP4 format lets you reuse and remix content legally as a content creator.

Engagement – As an educator, MP4 files enhance multimedia materials for better student engagement.

By transforming YouTube videos into lightweight yet high-quality MP4 files, converters offer portability, efficient storage, and versatility. You can watch videos offline, reuse content creatively, and enhance educational resources. With these significant benefits, a YouTube to MP4 converter is a valuable tool for any video downloader.

Criteria for a Good YouTube to MP4 Converter

When selecting a YouTube to MP4 tool, you should pay attention to some tips:

Ease of use – Choose an intuitive interface that enables smooth navigation and conversion even for beginners.

Speed – Favor faster converters that save you time during the download and conversion process.

Safety – Only use tools free from malware that respect user privacy and avoid requiring excessive personal data.

Additionally, consider output quality, compatibility, and cost:

Quality – Opt for options that retain high video quality after compression.

Compatibility – Look for support across operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

By paying attention to the point about fast, and secure converters as your top priorities, you’ll be able to find the most fit for your need of downloading YouTube videos to MP4. Keep output quality, compatibility, and cost in mind as secondary factors when making your selection.

Best 8 YouTube to MP4 Converter List 

Now, here are the top 8 YouTube to MP4 converters based on features, performance and safety:


The free online service SSyoutube allows users to change YouTube videos into MP4 format as well as other video formats. SSyoutube, a well-known free online instrument, enables converting YouTube videos not just to MP4 but also to other video formats specified by the user.


  • Options for MP3 audio extraction
  • Batch processing for multiple videos
  • Simple and intuitive interface


  • Fast download and conversion speeds
  • No software installation required
  • Safe and free from malware


  • Daily conversion limits for unregistered users
  • Occasional conversion errors


2. SaveFrom

SaveFrom enables downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP4 and other formats. Key features include bulk downloads.


  • Drag and drop interface for quick conversion
  • Supports HD 1080p and 4K quality options
  • Unlimited usage with no registration required


  • Very fast conversion speeds
  • Completely free with no limits
  • Minimalist and easy to use interface


  • Limited output format options
  • Does not work on some videos due to copyright issues

3. YouTube4KDownloader

YouTube4KDownloader is a desktop application providing fast and customizable downloading of YouTube videos up to 8K resolution.


  • Download entire YouTube playlists or channels
  • Support for Ultra HD 8K, 4K and 1080p formats
  • Built-in video converter with MP4 output option
  • Schedule downloads and limit download speeds


  • Excellent download speeds
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Dedicated video converter tool built-in
  • Customizable download options


  • Functionality limited to Windows and Mac only
  • Requires software installation

4. EaseUS Video Converter

EaseUS Video Converter delivers versatile video conversion and editing capabilities through desktop software. It supports downloading and converting videos from many sites into various formats, along with robust video editing tools.


  • Built-in editor to trim, crop, watermark videos
  • Support for 180+ input and output formats
  • Batch processing for multiple files


  • Fast conversion with quality retention
  • Comprehensive format support
  • Useful built-in video editing tools
  • Clean and straightforward interface


  • Only available as paid software
  • Installation required instead of online use

5. is a powerful cloud-based video converter and editor with options to download and convert YouTube videos into MP4 format.


  • Convert YouTube to MP4 up to 4K resolution
  • Online access from any device
  • Tools for trimming, splicing, rotating videos
  • Custom watermarks and subtitles
  • Share converted videos to social media


  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Handy built-in editing tools
  • Fast conversion speeds via cloud encoding
  • Accessible from any internet-connected device


  • Requires free registration to use
  • Advertising on interface may be distracting

6. Fastest YouTube Downloader

Fastest YouTube Downloader is one of the quickest standalone tools for downloading and converting YouTube videos into MP4 and other formats.


  • Top download speeds up to 16x faster than online converters
  • Download entire playlists or channels
  • Built-in converter with 10 output formats including MP4
  • Automatically names downloaded files


  • Incredibly fast download and conversion speeds
  • Saves preferred download settings
  • Simple and easy to use application
  • Automatically converts to MP4 during download


  • Windows only desktop application
  • Contains third party offers during installation

7. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter allows high-speed downloading and converting of YouTube videos to MP4 along with full video editing capabilities.


  • Level-3 hardware acceleration for faster speeds
  • Edits like trimming, merging, stabilizing videos
  • Auto-rotate and enhance video
  • GIF maker and screen recorder
  • Download videos in resolutions up to 4K


  • Excellent conversion speeds via GPU acceleration
  • Comprehensive video editing tools built-in
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Good value for money


  • Works only on Windows and Mac
  • Installation required

8. MP3 Studio YouTube Downloader

MP3 Studio YouTube Downloader is a program tailored specifically for converting and downloading audio from YouTube videos as MP3 files.


  • Fast downloading of YouTube videos as MP3
  • Automatically tags downloaded files
  • Supports playlists and channel downloads
  • ID3 audio tag editing


  • Specialized tool for audio downloads
  • Fast MP3 conversion speeds
  • Automatically tags audio files
  • Free and simple to use


  • Limited to audio conversion only
  • Simplistic interface lacks some features
  • Windows only application


In summary, these are the top recommended YouTube to MP4 converters available today based on essential criteria like speed, quality, safety and ease of use. Online tools like OnlineVideoConverter provide quick web-based conversion while desktop tools like VideoProc excel in faster speeds and added editing features. Considering your specific needs for downloading and converting YouTube videos can help determine the ideal YouTube to MP4 solution. With the right converter, you can easily save YouTube videos offline and convert them into shareable and editable MP4 files.

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