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Instagram recently reported that 500 million people now utilize its Stories feature on a daily basis. It’s a stunning figure. 100 million more than in June 2018, and 314 million more than Snapchat overall, and the surging popularity of the transient photo and video sharing function indicates that anybody interested in growing their social reach simply can’t afford to ignore it.

Each day, Instagram offers new features to make Stories more refined and interactive, and digital stickers are among the most regularly utilized Stories tools.

From emoji sliders to polls and GIFs, these additions can help you communicate with your audience in new ways and increase engagement – assuming you understand how to use them appropriately, of course.

In this article, we’ll go through exactly that, beginning with the fundamentals.

Where Can You Find Instagram Stories Stickers?

Begin a story post with a picture or video to gain access to all of the available Instagram Stories stickers. Click the Sticker icon, which looks like a square happy face, at the top right of the screen.

When you tap the Sticker symbol, a tray with numerous sticker selections displays. You might have some stickers but not others, depending on the features that have been added to your account. Location, Poll, Question, Date, Hashtag, Mention, GIF, Slider, Temperature, Clock, and Music are the most often available stickers.

You may also browse emojis, mood stickers, and seasonal stickers by sliding up your sticker screen.

Now let’s look at how you can use some of these stickers to enhance your Instagram Stories content.

Let’s take a glance at how you may utilize a few of these Instagram stickers to improve the quality of your Stories content.

9 Types of Stickers and Their Importance in Instagram Marketing

Below are the main types of stickers, and the importance of utilizing them on Instagram.

1. Mention Sticker

What is it?

You can use the mention sticker to tag any Instagram user in your story. Once you tap on a tag, it brings you to such person’s or business’s profile, plus Instagram tells the individual you’ve tagged of the mention.

Why you should utilize it?

Instagram recently made it simpler for users to share stories in which they are mentioned than before. That implies that if you tag somebody, they will very certainly share your story with all of their followers as well, expanding your reach.

Furthermore, it can be a terrific tool to exchange user-generated material. You could obtain some amazing unique content to share on the Story feed if you invite your visitors to tag you in their stories.

2. Hashtag Stickers

Source: Pinterest

What is it?

Hashtag stickers on Stories function in the very same way as they do in captions, placing you in a cluster of like tagged material – but only if Instagram believes the post is high in both quality and engagement.

Why you should utilize it?

Hashtag stickers have the ability to reach thousands of People on Instagram in your area and/or industry that have similar interests. They can also serve to reinforce a brand message and tie a campaign together.

3. Location Stickers

Source: Pinterest

What is it?

The location sticker allows users to tag where they have been, and clicking on it links the user to other photographs and videos submitted from the same area, as well as showing it on a map. 

Why you should utilize it?  

Assume someone is watching a restaurant account because they want to go there. If they click that location link to all of the excellent stuff you and your customers have placed there, it could be the final convincing factor they require.

Tagging a place might also assist to increase the discoverability of your Story. Instagram users may search for a certain area to view a compilation Story of all the other users’ Story posts that feature that location sticker. If you can get your local business listed there, you could gain some extra customers.


4. GIFs

Source: Pinterest

What is it?

You may add a variety of moving and stationary visuals to your image.

Why you should utilize it?

Instagram Stories is a terrific way to show off your brand’s playful, quirky side without messing with your carefully managed feed. GIFs make it simple to inject some levity and intrigue into otherwise mundane visuals.

Remember that in order to maintain your followers’ attention, you should provide them with value at every chance, and a moment of fun surely counts. 

5. Emoji slider

What is it?

This sticker consists of an emoji accompanied by a sliding scale, allowing your audience to express how much they like or detest something by putting the emoji.

Why you should utilize it?

It’s a quick and entertaining way to ask, “What do you think of this?” It’s a similar principle to the poll, but because of the gamification aspect, your followers may find the engagement much more appealing. It’s worth testing both with your followers to see which one gets the better response.

6. Music Stickers

What it is?

A music library organized by ‘popular, moods,’ and ‘genres.’ Listen to the previews, choose a track, and then select the precise section of the music you want to broadcast during your Story.

Why you should utilize it?

Music, like GIFs, may be used to establish the atmosphere, add emotion, or express personality to your Story. The music you choose may assist your fans to recognize your brand identity, while also providing you with a unique opportunity to set your material to music without worrying about copyright difficulties. 

7. Poll Stickers

What it is?

An interactive tool that allows you to submit any question to your audience and give them two alternatives to pick from. They touch their preferred response, and the results are provided to you.

Why you should utilize it?

It provides your followers with a quick and fast option to communicate with you, in addition to the standard likes and comments, which may aid in the formation of deeper connections. Not only can an immediate poll from your consumers help you make product decisions (hello, quick focus group), but it may also demonstrate to your followers that you value and heed their thoughts.

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8. Question Stickers

Source: Pinterest

What is it?

A call to action for your followers to ask you questions. The sticker box displays the question you’ve provided – for example, “Ask us anything” – as well as a box for your followers to fill into. Their reaction is transmitted straight to you, so you may respond via Instagram Stories once again.

Why you should utilize it?

Q&A sessions may tremendously energize your followers and provide you with insight into the types of topics they’re most engaged in. Whether you respond directly as a business or use it to highlight your ambassadors, the Q&A may become a piece of content in its own sense.

A fashion business, for example, may hire a stylist to answer style questions and provide outfit ideas that are shoppable based on their responses.

If you’re going to host an Instagram Live session, it’s a good idea to prepare certain backup questions in advance. Brands are rapidly adopting this function to gather data for their ‘frequently asked questions,’ or simply for general feedback. 

9. Countdown Stickers

What is it?

A sticker that counts down from a date and time you choose.

Why you should utilize it?

It’s an excellent method to generate excitement for a product launch or event, and the option allows you to retain this interest by allowing your followers to follow your countdown event. 

They may also share the countdown with their own followers, which increases the reach of your message. The sticker may be used for a purpose as well as for entertainment, such as informing your followers of the deadline for weekend delivery slots.


Above, we have discussed how you can use stickers provided by Instagram to help you with the marketing. Hope this helps you to achieve a successful Instagram marketing path. 


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