Top 13 Types of Bottom Wears For Women In 2019!

In today’s World, fashion industries have been innovating new designs to meet the needs of Fashionista in constantly changing lifestyle. Kurtis is one of the most common dresses for women available in different colors, designs, price, etc. Such Kurtis must be team up with right bottom wears to enhance the look of your outfits.

The fashion industries are creating various kinds of models in bottom wear to suit for all top wears every year. Have you checked out the different types of bottom wears? Stay here! Read this article to know the top bottom wears that have arrived in 2019.

Different Types of Ladies Bottom Wear

  1. Chikan Palazzo and Chikan Flared: The Palazzo is one among the different types of bottom wears that has attracted more women with its features. Chikan Palazzo is made of Chikan fabrics that are more popular among women for its hassle-free features.

Chicken Plazzo

This bottom wears flares from the waist part that suits all women regardless of size. Palazzo pants with right Kurtis provide much comfort even in the summer season.

2. Casual Sharara: Sharara casual wear is similar to palazzo that can be teamed up with the right set of Kurtis and dupatta. This sharara wear is looser even from thighs than Palazzo and other bottom wears. When you wear this sharara with a heave Kurtis you can have a nice ethnic look.

Casual Sharara

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3. Leggings: Leggings are one of the best bottoms wears that can be paired up with any kind of Kurtis. Leggings are termed as ‘Second Skin’ as they will be very light and fit with your skin. Leggings are available in a plethora of designs at different costs. This casual bottom wear is available for both knee length or ankle length and it is perfect for all seasons.


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4. Jeggings or Jeans: Jeggings are made of jeans material which is thicker than leggings. Women who like to wear fit outfits can prefer jeggings. The main benefit is that there are no zips or button to fix on the waist and so you can feel free. There are huge numbers of Jeggings available in the market with attractive colors and designs.


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5. Slacks: Slacks are nothing but a dress pant that can be used when you need to have professional as well as traditional look. Slacks slightly differ from leggings that are paired with a lengthy top or suit. The specialty of the slacks is that it can match with any kind of upper wear without color consideration.


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6. Cigarette Pants: Cigarette pants are trending bottom wears widely used with Kurtis to have formal attire. The cigarette pants cover your ankles and so it can be worn with kaftans, tail cut Kurtis, straight Kurtis and much more.

Cigarette Pants

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7. Churidar: Churidar is the best choice for matching with the traditional Kurtis or Anarkali. It gives a better look at your expensive Kurtis or tops. In addition to this, Churidar can be used as professional bottom wear. Even these Churidars are replaced by leggings they have certain importance in ethnic wears.


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8. Patiala: Patiala is a different type of bottom wear that comes with plenty of pleats in it. Since Patiala are loosely stitched they are considered as the comfortable bottom wear even for the summer season. It is better to wear Patiala with knee-length or short Kurtis to portray its beauty.


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9. Dhoti Pants: Dhotis pants are amazing bottom wear as it has more pleats as Patiala. The dhoti pants have loose pleats on the upper leg whereas it is less at the ankle part. In order to deliver the entire beauty of dhoti pants wear well-fit Kurtis.

Dhoti Pants

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10. Skirts: Skirts are one of the different types of bottom wear that are worn as western wear or casual wear. These bottom wears are classified based on lengths such as a mini skirt, micro skirt, midi skirt, short skirt and so on. These skirts can be paired with nude lucy shorts or crop tops. A lengthy skirt can be combined with Kurtis to have a unique outfit.


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11. Shorts: The trousers or pants that are shortened are called shorts. Shorts have been one of the trending bottoms wears for more years and it doesn’t lose its place in the top lists of bottom wear. Shorts are categorized in accordance with the size of knee-length shorts to athletic shorts.

12. Lettuce Hem Culottes: Culottes refer to a trending and elegant western or casual bottom wear. They can be paired with cool crop tops or short Kurtis to have stylish as well as classy look.


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13. Wide-Leg Pants: Wide-leg pants are the right bottom wear for women who want to have a free outfit. Generally, the wide-leg pants are paired with short and fit Kurtis to define the waist. You can prefer Kurtis that has simple and effective designs for wide-leg pants.

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Thus, these are the topmost fashionable and trendy bottom wears for women in 2019.  Merely, you have to select the desired type of bottom wear to team up with your charming Kurtis.

Keep up the habit of choosing bottom wear in accordance with the season and current trend. Whatever the bottom dress you tend to wear select you should go with perfect Kurtis or tops along with suitable accessories in such a way to enhance your style.