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Chemistry is one of the toughest subject to cover in school and college. Its hard to get strong grasp on it and to memorize the chemical formulas. By properly learning the concepts of chemistry and applying it on the given questions give student the confidence that chemistry is easy to understand and they can answer any question. But it is not the same for all students as same still feel like its hard to understand it and need guidance from a private chemistry tutor to tie the concepts together.

Chemistry is tough as it includes understanding of composition and chemical formulas and reactions. Student tend to find it hard to visualize what actually happens at molecular level. All of these things make the student interest to loss and result in lower exam marks. At this time, a student need some private tutor guidance in order to cope up with the syllabus. In this article, we have curated a list of popular chemistry tuition in Singapore that will help your kids to master chemistry.


  • TutorCity


TutorCity provides private chemistry tutor and tuition center service where you can learn any subjects including chemistry. They have dedicated teachers who customize the lessons in that way that is easy for students to understand. They are always there to solve your problems and to clear concepts. The best thing about them is they don’t rush the students to go through all topics that makes the student stressful and hard to learn the topics.

Another good thing about them is they have highly professional chemistry tutors who can teach at multi-level teaching including O or A level, secondary school, junior college, university level, and international baccalaureate. With a huge database of tutors they have, every student can get their desired teacher with whom he is comfortable.


  • Achievers Dream


The second best chemistry tuition is Achievers Dream that offers a diagnostic test system where they check the learning style of the student and what current knowledge he/she has of the subject. This test is conducted in the MOE registered full-equipped Chemistry Lab. It helps students to understand how the exams are conducted and what to do in the practical exams of chemistry.

After the test is conducted, the tutor highlight the weak point of the students and give guidance to improve them. Cheat sheets are also provided to improve the efficiency of study. The tutors they provide have multi-level teaching capability including lower and upper secondary level, IP chemistry, JC chemistry, IGCSE chemistry.

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  • Chemistry Guru


The last one on our list is Chemistry Guru that has been featured in Raffles Press as best A Level H2 Chemistry tuition center. It has been also ranked on 3rd position in Bishan. The professional tutor that teaches chemistry at their center is “Maverick Puah” who is teaching since 2010 and has vast years of experience in this subject.

No matter, you want in-person or webinar classes, both are offered by Chemistry Guru tuition center. Also they give video lessons for make-up lessons so that no student will miss the lecture. They only offer A Level H2 teacher that is the only drawback of Chemistry Guru.

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