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Are you aware that you can maintain your oral health and never complain about things to do with unpleasant oral hygiene? It does not have to be expensive; it only requires some toothpaste for brushing and floss threaders. Good oral hygiene habits are among the most effective forms of oral health preventive care, promoting your dental health. Sean Sutton DDS and the team at Greenwich Dentistry also provide comprehensive dental services to enhance your teeth function and improve and restore your smile. Keep reading as we look at the dental services we often need for improved oral health.

Teeth cleaning

Sometimes, daily toothbrushing does not provide the best long-term results. It’s critical to have your teeth professionally cleaned regularly to eliminate the food deposits and plaque buildup between your teeth and gums.

Teeth cleaning promotes the following:

·         Lower chances of tooth decay

·         Early detection of dental health problems

·         Reduced risk of gum disease

·         Few dental complications

Your provider may also recommend other teeth whitening treatments to better your smile.

Teeth cleaning involves your dentist using special dental tools to eliminate tartar and plaque in your teeth as you relax in a comfortable chair. They also check out your gums and teeth and assess your medical history.

After teeth cleaning, your provider may provide fluoride treatment and sealants to prevent your teeth from decaying; they offer effective treatments when they notice a dental problem.

It’s advisable to have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months.

Dental implants

You may experience tooth loss from an injury, accident, or oral condition. Missing teeth interfere with your smile quality, confidence, and oral function. For this reason, you need dental implants to restore your teeth function and improve your smile and confidence.

Dental implants give you the ideal solution for missing teeth. They involve metal tooth roots placed on your jawbone. Over time the implant stimulates bone growth, merging with your jawbone to give a permanent solution.

Dental implants improve teeth function, enhance easier chewing, mend the missing gaps, promote your speech, and minimize your chance of teeth shifting.

Root canal

Sometimes, removing it might not be the only option when you find yourself with a damaged tooth. Your provider offers a root canal to help save your tooth.

A root canal involves taking out the infected pulp in your tooth, then covering the tooth with dental cement or filling to enhance its function.

You may require a root canal when you experience a severe toothache when chewing, oversensitive teeth, and swelling around the gums.

Emergency dentistry

We can encounter dental emergencies at any time. When it occurs, it might not wait for an appointment. Dental emergencies require immediate care.

The following are examples of dental emergencies.

·         Knocked-out teeth

·         Painful tooth cracks and chips

·         Bleeding

·         Persistent pain

·         Toothache that causes fever and facial swelling

Emergency dentistry allows you to receive oral care at any time of the day without an appointment.

Other dental services that you may need in your daily life include teeth whitening, among other cosmetic techniques, to restore and better your smile’s appearance. A regular dental check-up is also necessary twice a year to enhance your dental health. Contact Greenwich Dentistry today for all your dental concerns and the services you need to maintain your dental health.

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