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In all physiotherapy clinics, expert physio health workers have been assigned their specific jobs that are apparent, however, some clinical duties are different than the usual ones and they have to be performed with acute detail for the betterment of their patients. This sense of duty is imperative for any health care personnel who are working within a physiotherapy facility.

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Numerous physiotherapy clinics in Pune have a professional team of experts who can work in collaboration to ensure that every therapy session gives promising outcomes. The main duty of every physio expert is to relieve their patients of the chronic pain that they have been experiencing. However, many other duties which are a part of their job description are as follows:

1-     Providing Home Visit Services

There are often some patients who are not well enough to even come to the physio clinics, thus, in such cases, the therapist has to go to their homes and provide the needed therapy. Thereby, the duty of home-visits is also a part of the therapist’s job in order to provide their patients the due care and assistance. For this, they must have their bags prepared in-advance at all times with all the necessary medications and equipment that may be required for home therapy sessions.

2-     Changing the Medicines at Different Intervals

Over a course of time, the prescribed medicines have to be changed for better results, thereby, these therapists are trained to have the knowledge and sensibility of recommending and changing the medication of their patients from time to time. These therapists have to go through a four-year course of study and practical work in order to become able enough to be recommending the medications.

3-     Therapists should know the Threshold for Pain

When expert physiotherapists have been working with patients for a long time, they become advance in knowing the threshold of pain that the patients can easily endure and they ensure that this threshold never gets breached in order to keep the patient comfortable throughout the session. With this knowledge, the therapist could also pinpoint the moment when the threshold of the patient gets reached and the session has to end.

4-     Treatment of Associated Injuries

Sometimes, in a physio session, when you are being treated for pain; the other body parts can also get affected or injured. The physiotherapist should have the knowledge to treat such associated injuries as well in order to relieve the patient of any discomfort.

5-     Contacting the Surgeon

There are some patients who require therapy sessions after extensive surgery, and in such cases, the therapists have a duty to contact the surgeon to have full knowledge about the extent of surgery and other important information related to it. Post-surgery therapy is always rather precarious than other sessions and the expert physio needs to have every detail regarding it before he/she begins the sessions.

6-     Have a Knowledge of all Physiotherapy Illness

There are many cases seen post physiotherapy that the patients get sick and develop certain illnesses. It is mainly because the therapist may not be well aware of all the ailments related to these therapies. Thereby, it is imperative that the therapists educate themselves of all such issues in order to keep their patients healthy even after the physio sessions.

7-     Keeping the Confidentiality of the Patient’s Information

There are many patients specifically men who come to physio clinics to get relieved of different issues, especially the men’s health. Thereby, every health care worker is bound by an ethical contract that they can never reveal the details of their patient’s treatment information to anyone.

These are the main duties that every expert physio has to abide by in order to provide their patients the due treatment and care.

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