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A baby play mat is a must-have item for your baby. It is just the perfect place to put a new baby and offers a good alternative place for them to their boring cot, moss basket or bouncer chair. During the first few months of their age, a child learns several things that they find around them. A baby mat offers a stimulating environment for your baby.

It can introduce sound, color and movements to your child. There are a few features that you need to look when you are buying the play mat for your baby.


Vibrant and bright color mats can help in developing the visual activity of your child. So, it is always good to buy a baby mat that is bright in color and comes with a unique design.


It is good to have a mat that is foldable so that you will be able to store it when your baby goes to sleep. It is a space-saving option for your room.

Mat with toys

The playmat of your baby should come with simple toys so that he/she will find it more interesting.


For your baby, you need to choose the play mat that is thick and soft.

Why should you buy a perfect baby play mat from Amazon?

Amazon is surely one of the best leading online platforms to buy and even sell almost everything you want. When you are going to buy a play mat for your little baby, Amazon is the best place to buy it. Amazon is more convenient because you will find different types of play mats here. From foam to fabric and from rubber to rattan, you will get the play mat material you like there. There are also different brands that offer play mats. You will get the chance to buy a product of the brand that ensures quality and functionality both.

On Amazon, you will also find lots of reviews for each of the product. These reviews will help you to choose the best quality play mat for your little one. These reviews are posted by the users who bought the product previously from Amazon.

The price is also reasonable on this platform. As there are many sellers and they offer different products, you will get your one at a very reasonable rate than the market.

When you are buying a play mat from Amazon, you will get the product delivered at your doorstep. You don’t need to roam around the market for a single product. You are allowed here to browse thousands of products at a time.

You can compare the quality, price and other features on the platform also.

Rubber play mat Vs foam play mat

Play mats are an utmost necessity today for the little ones. They are the dedicated play area for the kids. Play mats are now hugely available in the market. They are available in different sizes, shapes and materials. Rubber and foam based play mates are the most popular ones available in market. They both have different characteristics and benefits.

Rubber play mats easy to clean. You can wash it with water. Foam mats require more time to dry out completely than a rubber mat.

When it comes to thickness, foam mats are more thick and comfortable than the rubber mats. They come with soft cushioning.

Rubber mats can cause the rubber-like odor but the foam mats are free from such odor that can react to your baby.

Foam mats often come with the side edges, which is good for the security purpose of your kid. Rubber mats are flat and come with the interlocking pieces only.

Foam mats little bit of pricey than the rubber one. But if you buy the high-quality rubber mat, the price can hike too.

Foam mats are usually the padded mats so that your child will be free from the chances of injury. Rubber play mats are comparatively thinner than the foam ones.

Do babies need play mats?

Buying play mat for your kid is an excellent idea. This is ideal for small babies and small children. On the play mat you can allow you kid play and roll around on the floor.  They will not be unprotected on the floor surface anymore. Play mat is a specific type of mat made from various materials.

It is put on the floor so that small children and babies can play safely or have happy tummy time. There are play mats that come equipped with colorful toys for infants.  It keeps them occupied with.

A play mat is typically made of a soft material on one side and may have a skid-resistant side. Most of the mats are colorful and have some type of kid-friendly print on it. The prints on the mat are usually some kind of letters or geometric patterns, pictures of animals etc. They are colored in contrasting bright colors to grab the child’s attention. They work as an educational tool at their growing age. It helps in improving their motor skills, cognitive skills; they learn to listen to sound, visual skill, grasping skill etc. Babies need the play mat because it helps them to grow in a fun and healthy way.

Are foam play mats toxic?

When you are buying a play mat for your kid, you need to look for the safe one. Toxic material can affect the health of your kids. It is a common thing for little children to put everything in their mouth. This is the reason that you have to be vigilant about the components of the play mat is in contact with. It is better to buy the one that is non-toxic. There are many foam mats that can be harmful to your kid.

They are toxic and unhealthy. When you are buying the foam play mat, you need to choose something that is good in quality. An EVA foam play mat is mostly non-toxic and safe for the babies.

When you are buying the mat, you need to check the complete details about it. Most of the company claims that their play mat is a non-toxic one but, you need to check whether the mat has a safety seal.

That means that the mat is best is quality and there is no formamide to react. So, when you are buying one for your kid, it is important to read the complete reviews on it. It should have passed the safety regulations.





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