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Harvard offers AI courses for both beginners and professionals working in the healthcare sector or corporate world. Most of the Harvard AI courses are offered in online mode and are hosted through the edX platform. Some executive programs or workshops are offered on campus.

Among the several Harvard AI courses offered, “CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python” is the most popular course as per the student reviews and enrollments. It is a project-based course that explores algorithms behind modern Artificial Intelligence and its’ applications in technologies like game-playing engines, handwriting recognition, etc. Check out the top Harvard courses to learn Artificial Intelligence Online in 2022.

Applied Artificial Intelligence for Health Care  

  • This course is for healthcare professionals who have a background in data science or engineering and who want to use their knowledge to transform the organization. The course curriculum covers concepts such as how artificial intelligence can revolutionize healthcare, key concepts of AI, how biopharma is being affected by AI, etc. 
  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: 5 days

Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence (HardvardX)  

  • The course is offered by Harvard University through the edX platform. It contains 2 skill-based courses that cover the concepts of computer science and programming, reinforcement learning, machine learning, principles of artificial intelligence, etc. The fee for this course is INR 24,298.
  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: 5 months

CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python  

  • It is a beginner-friendly course on how to use machine learning in Python. It is available on the edX platform for free; however, to get a certificate students need to pay INR 15,440.21. Apart from machine learning, the course covers concepts like graph search algorithms, reinforcement learning, how to design intelligent systems, etc.
  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: 7 weeks (10 – 30 hours per week)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python  

  • This course is like a continuation of “CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python”. It is an intermediate-level course focusing on concepts and algorithms of modern artificial intelligence and applying these concepts to technologies like game-playing engines, handwriting recognition, and machine translation. The fee for this course is around INR 2.71 lakhs.
  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: Approximately 1.5 months

Artificial Intelligence Short Intensive Course  

  • This course is famous for teaching the principles of data science and administration decisions that executives might encounter while deploying artificial intelligence. It provides useful insights from experienced industry professionals, including entrepreneurs of leading AI start-ups as well as senior executives from large corporations such as J.P. Morgan, Horizon Robotics, Fidelity, Roland Berger, and many others.
  • Mode: On-campus
  • Duration: 4 days

Designing and Implementing AI Solutions for Health Care  

  • It is an online executive program offered by Harvard Medical School in online mode. It is an advanced-level course; designed for healthcare professionals who want to learn the key aspects of deep learning and AI for the economic and cultural growth of the healthcare industry. The registrations for the course are currently open. The fee for the course is approximately INR 1.66 lakhs.
  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: 10 days

Artificial Intelligence in Business: Creating Value with Machine Learning  

  • It is a 2-day on-campus program; designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of new AI trends and insights, visualization and framing of business implications, and more. This program is aimed at teaching artificial intelligence management and implementation in the global corporate sector. The fee for this program is approximately INR 2.24 lakhs.
  • Mode: On-campus
  • Duration: 2 days

Competing in the Age of AI – Virtual  

  • This course will help organizations to move toward an AI-based business model. Learners will explore applications of AI, machine learning, predictive modeling, data science, network effects, and platform strategies through this course. Not only this will enhance their productivity but also create opportunities to build a competitive edge. The fee for this course is approximately INR 3.87 lakhs.
  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: 8 weeks (5 – 8 hours per week)

Harvard Business Analytics Program  

  • It is a professional certificate course for business leaders who want to enhance their data analysis skills. They will learn new technologies such as blockchain, digital strategy, and AI/ML. It will help them to draw valuable insights from data and use them in the growth of their organization. The fee for this program is approximately INR 39.94 lakhs.
  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: 9 months full time or 18 months part-time

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