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Déjà Vu!

So, you have seen & experienced those dark days in your life when there was no ray of hope!

Well, the solution was somewhere around you as your struggle to succeed always triumphs the succinct changes & struggles in life. Let me tell you a story of RAW courage of one of our war veterans who not only displayed the great courage in the war zone, but he also won the second battle he was fighting internally.

The guy, I would call him ‘Hero’ was struggling with PTSD during and after his tenure in Afghanistan. According to American Psychiatric Association, “posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war/combat, rape or other violent personal assault. “.

Now that ‘Hero’ shared a lot of war stories and how his team dealt with it. At the same time, he also shared how he and many in his team have hustled to win the war going within in the form of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Being away from the family & friends with some serious tasks to accomplish, he found some time to reenergize his mind & body through some meaningful content he used to read (and still enjoys reading) on best health and wellness blogs. While he shared a long list of mental wellness blogs (some of them he discovered recently), I will share some of them here to help you deal with depression and stress. Thank ‘Hero’ later!

7 Best Health and Wellness Blogs to Fight Depression

‘Hero’ has found CalmSage recently and strongly recommends it to the people who are struggling with any level of depression and stress in life. CalmSage being one of the best mental wellness blogs brings you tons of useful information on mindfulness and positivity to bring best out of you. It offers a comprehensive depression guide to help you understand and deal with depressing moments in life.

You will also find stories of real people to get guidance on how they dealt with stress & depression in life. It offers expert advice on sensitive topics like mental health and delivers useful information in the form of Podcast as well. You can also share your life story on this platform to inspire others to live a better life without stress and depression.


MindBodyGreen offers 360-degree approach to wellness. Here, you will find information on mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, and environmental aspects of well-being. As all these factors are interconnected to offer healthy mind & body, you can trust this blog as it is mentored and run by professionals with years of experience in mindfulness. Some big names include Deepak Chopra (spiritual icon and best-selling author), Mark Hayman (Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for functional medicine), Ellen Vora (Holistic Psychiatrist), and more. All the information and suggestions you find on this best health and wellness blog is offered by experts from the field.

The Minimalists

The Minimalists believes in more: more time, more passion, more experience, more creativity, more freedom, and more contribution to make society beautiful to live. It offers information and helps you clean out clutter from life to make room for positivity and wisdom. This decade old blog was started by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. They helped over 20 million people live meaningful lives with their effective website, podcast, books, and documentary. Try this powerful health and wellness blog to stay motivated towards life while getting rid of all types of depression and stress.

Possibility oChange

Next in the list of best health and wellness blogs is Possibility oChange. This effective mental wellness blog was started by Peter who has spent several years helping people live stress and depression free life through his blog. It shares stories of real people, their struggles, their challenges, problems they have faced and how they conquered it. It discusses more about personal changes that people should focus on to transform their lives and deal with depression and stress. It allows you to contribute your story to the blog to help people fight depression.

NPR Shots

If you are looking for complete information on health across the nation or around the world, then NPR Shots should be your pick. It keeps you updated about epidemics and public health concerns to keep you alert. It offers tons of useful information on your health and general topics related to public health. It also offers information on tests and treatments happening around the world for all major illnesses. With all latest health updates, it is one of the rich sources to keep tab on happenings in health world.


In the list of best wellness blogs, Sonima is the next name suggested by ‘Hero’. It talks about food, fitness, meditation, and Yoga. It offers comprehensive guidance on all important factors in your life that directly affects your well-being. Under Yoga, it offers best yoga practices and yoga poses to keep you fit mentally and physically. Furthermore, it helps you with a lot of meditation practices and mindful living to beat stress & depression. For general fitness, it offers workout videos, fitness articles, pain & healing process, and more. Additionally, it offers the best information on health & nutrition. Here, you will find cooking videos and healthy recipes for better health and mind.

The Balanced Life

Being one of the best health and wellness blogs, The Balanced Life offers inspiration to live balanced life. It helps you deal with various physical and mental issues with reliable content from industry professionals. You can join its community of over 10,000 women who are experiencing the magic of Pilates to stay fit mentally and physically. You can shop for different Pilate programs on this platform for your various needs. It also provides information in the form of Podcast for easy content consumption.

So, this was 7 best blogs out of many suggestions by the ‘Hero’ to help you fit mentally and physically. Do read them and share your experience in the comments below. As I said, thanks ‘Hero’ later!

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