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No matter the size of your business or industry you are working in, you definitely need a stunning landing page design to survive in this digitally obsessed world. A landing page is mainly responsible to drive conversions on your website and play a key role in driving more leads and sales. With a well-designed landing page, you can run a successful marketing campaign and get the desired result.

Many marketers, web designers and web developers always look for the best practices and design guides when it comes to building a landing page design. Every designer wants to come up with a landing page design that stands out. They strive hard to implement unique UI/UX design techniques and the latest design trends to create an interactive and engaging landing page design.

If you are designing a landing page for your upcoming marketing campaign or want to promote your products or services with a landing page. Here are some of the best landing page conversion optimization strategies designers should try in 2022 to get the desired results.

Have a look at them.

Focus on CTAs

It’s no surprise that CTA is the most important part of your landing page design that can help improve your conversion rate. It guides your audience on what they should do and encourages them to take action. If truth be told, the ultimate goal of a CTA is to turn visitors into paying customers.

Make sure the CTA button is eye-catching and the copy is persuasive while evoking feelings of trust. Choose the CTA colors that can blend into the webpage. Try to limit the number of CTAs to avoid confusion and make it easier for visitors to convert.

According to statistics, landing pages with one link have a conversion rate of 13.5% compared to those that use multiple CTAs 10.5%. Keep in mind that a distraction-free landing page is the key to get more conversions and leads.

Write Copy based on Your Buyers’ Needs

Today’s buyers want to use products or services that fulfill their needs and preferences. So, it is important for marketers to focus on the copy of the landing page that helps its target audience understand the purpose of your product, service, mobile app or campaign.

Carefully consider the ultimate goal of creating a landing page and make sure to tailor content accordingly. For instance, if you want people to contact you for your web design services, it is important to create separate landing pages for startups, ecommerce businesses, and mid-size companies. It will allow you to target the specific pain points of the specific audience and list down all the technologies and development solutions your web design agency in Dubai offers.

Use a Background Video

Using a background video for your landing page design is an amazing design strategy that helps marketers and web designers to make their landing page a big hit. It is important to note that background videos, if not optimized well can reduce the page loading speed and hurt the performance of your landing page.

When it comes to creating a background video for your landing page, make sure it completely focuses on the value proposition, so that it can truly portray the purpose of your landing page. Relevant, high-quality videos that easily communicate your message can significantly increase the conversion rate of your landing page design.

Live Chat Option

It is another important landing page design material that can increase your chances of getting more conversions. Integrating a live chat option into your landing page can make it easier for visitors to understand whether the product or service is suitable for them. It is also a great way to better serve your customers, understand what they want and optimize your content, products or services according to their needs.

Furthermore, live chats are an amazing way to create a meaningful connection with potential customers and build trust and credibility.

Customer Testimonials

Adding testimonials to your website is another great landing page design strategy that can improve your website credibility. You can use client testimonials, customer reviews, user- generated content to tell your potential customers that you are an expert in your industry and people are satisfied with your products or services.

Many websites dedicate a special section for social proof on their landing pages to increase their brand credibility and entice customers to take the purchase decision.

Make it Mobile Friendly

If you want to stand out from the competition and make your landing page design super successful, you need to use the latest technologies to drive conversions. Creating a mobile landing page is a great strategy to entertain mobile visitors and give them an awesome user experience.

As people spend more time on mobile devices compared to desktop devices. If your landing page isn’t optimized for mobile devices, chances are they will never stay on your site. However, creating a mobile-friendly landing page design can help you boost your conversion rate.

According to a study, mobile friendly landing pages have a higher conversion rate 11.7% compared to desktop only landing pages with 10.7% conversion rate. Optimizing your landing page for mobile devices can grab the attention of users, create a positive first expression and meet your conversion goal.

Make it Simple

The primary goal of creating a landing page is to attract visitors and encourage them to convert and become your paying customers. The goal can only be fulfilled when you make the landing page design simple and creative.

Opt for a minimalistic approach and try to make the design elements simple, avoid friction to make it easier for visitors to fill the lead form and sign up. Carefully review the page design and figure out the areas that require cognitive load.

Make sure the lead form is simple and easy to use, the page loads fast and the design is clean. The simple design enables visitors to quickly absorb the details, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Concluding Note

So, these are a few most important design elements your landing page should contain to make it workable. Experiment with all these design elements and you will definitely end up creating a killer landing page design that earns more profit.

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