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Top Mobile App Development Trends that every developer should know in 2021

The way mobile phones had become an inseparable part of our life can be known from the feeling when you realize that you had left your phone back! That panic moment suddenly strikes, followed by the feeling of being disconnected from the rest of the world. Mobile phones are rather now an integral part of our lives as most of us spend a large chunk of time in them, be it while we are stuck in the traffic or cosying up in the bed. Wherever we are, we are engulfed by mobiles connected to the web world, which has the potential to reach the previously inaccessible markets with mobile applications.

As the accessibility of the web through mobile is much more, therefore, the growth of web usage became much popular due to its mobility feature and demand for mobile apps too rose up. Now here mobile app development comes into play, where the full potential of it can be exploited.

So, let’s have a look over those technologies which will be in trends in the realm of mobile app development in the year 2021 –

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has been already trending as a technology over various sectors and AI is being widely used by computers and machines are using it to carry out numerous tasks performed by humans. As in mobile web development, AI is having tremendous growth as most phones today are having features like recognition of fingerprints or face recognition, which we experience in our daily lives. Even more, we have AI-enabled cameras for smart home surveillance which works along with IoT, which is growing in demand. AI when is reinforced by Machine Learning (ML) it can put to use voice search as voice assistants like Alexa or Cortana are highly popular.

AI can become a great tool for businesses too, it can be used to know what their users seek and the same can be collected through apps as user behaviour and collect insights. In case due to low user engagement a mobile app does not do well, the same reason can be ascertained from insights, feedback with the help of AI and necessary changes can be implemented to improve. Therefore, AI remains a trending technology in the realm of mobile web development.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

AR and VR applications are found almost everywhere among different sectors like travel, education, healthcare, and retail, but since the strike of pandemic last year it is used widely. For instance, there has been tremendous use of AR and VR in the field of education to give classroom like simulation. Many businesses are developing apps that use these trending technologies widely as they provide a rich and enhanced user experience to help businesses increase their sales.

Internet of Technology (IoT)

There has been the buzz about IoT for some years, but the latest advent of COVID-19 has the demand for IT services sitting at home. The need to leverage IoT devices has risen manifoldly and is supposed to grow more in the years to come. The usage of IoT technology mobile app development gave much popularity to smart home technology. IoT technology is bound to grow as a trend in the healthcare industry, as there has been a demand for telehealth services. With the help of IoT and AI, patients can take online appointments and easily accessible medical history can be made.


Blockchain is another potential technology that will make inroads through the newer mobile apps in the near future. As we all know that through Blockchain technology offers the way to store transactional data that are added according to chronological order, which can be accessible to only required parties and can’t be modified, which curbs the possibility of fraudulent activities. The very cryptocurrencies owe their existence to the Blockchain and it is anticipated that Blockchain will be the new way of storing data transparent and securely.

As a futuristic trend, it will be seen that Blockchain will serve as the backbone of data accessed by mobile apps and play a pivotal role in transactions where more than two parties need to share and control the data to execute contracts.


Automated advanced chatbots, which will be able to process customer requests instantly and also provide a more personalized version of customer service will the trend in the future. As chatbots have the capability to decrease the burden upon the staff and reduce the mundane labours, which in turn can boost productivity. According to recent research, by the year 2025, it is anticipated that nearly 80% of interactions between enterprises-customers will have no human as a customer service representative.

Due to various benefits like cost-effectiveness and 24×7 capability of functioning, it is sure that with the advent of chatbots built over the natural-language-understanding engine of IBM’s Watson Assistant or other such similar tools, chatbots will be one of the trending technologies in mobile app development.

5G Technology

In the realm of mobile web application development, 5G will be another trend to make a great influence. As with the introduction of 5G, there will be a great impetus to mobile applications in smart homes, smart cities, and the remote medical industry too. Although 5G is new technology and in many places, it has not been launched, but it has the potential to speed up power complex applications with features like 4K video streaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality. It is anticipated that with the speed of over 100 GBPS, 5G technology will turn out to be the standard for data transmission by leveraging new radio frequencies, thereby connecting almost 1.4 billion devices in near future.

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Cloud services are being used for many years and the market it grew at a pace of 17% in the period of 2019-2020. In the present time, the cloud-based apps enjoy good popularity due to many benefits it offers such as, they are cost-effective, reliable. When it comes to managing a cloud-based mobile app, all you need to do is implement a cloud management platform (CMP) solution, which allows you to manage cloud apps and services deployed across multiple cloud environments. In the longer run, a cloud-based mobile app can significantly reduce development costs while offering an enhanced customer experience.

On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps are another trending thing that is slated to be next-generation technology, as, since the advent of pandemic, the demand for them has increased a lot. Services such as package delivery, health and wellness, retail online shopping, video streaming channels, food delivery/hospitality, personal transportation, educational, taxi/hotel booking services, and home appliances repairing activities have seen tremendous growth in wake of the recent lockdown.

In near future, we shall witness newer features like geo notifications, wish lists getting embedded in on-demand apps and there will be increased usage.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are another thing trending in the current scenario, a majority of web users are in form of a mobile and they are designed and developed for mobile devices. PWAs aims to bring native app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications while using web browser API and traditional progressive enhancement strategy. To run a PWA you do not require a browser and it can be installed right over the home screen of your mobile device. Development of PWAs can be done much quicker and is much cost-effective too.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an innovative concept launched by Google and it comes with a reduced bounce rate and even loads faster on mobile devices. Way back it was announced AMP to have a separate search index for mobile web and this fuelled trend related to mobile app development from the perspective of web app and SEO. In upcoming years AMP is anticipated to a become mobile app development trend, as AMP benefits the publishers with more visitors and enhanced ad visibility.

Low code development

Low code development comes as a saviour in the current time where with increased technological complexities, the coding part grew into the increased lines of code. The market for low code development is increasing as it helps in reducing the time and effort involved in coding by automatic code generation. Developers worldwide are keen to learn this concept due to its benefits and organizations are looking forward to implementing it on a priority basis. Worldwide analysts have reported having predicted that the low code development market will see a growth of around 40% annually and 65% of all app development will be done through low code technology.


It doesn’t matter if you are an ambitious entrepreneur or a user, the significant developments happening in the realm of mobile app development is sure to make a mark on you. As mobile apps are getting increasingly integrated with our daily lives and thereby, upsurging our lives technically.

Mobile app development these days is all about designing and developing niche solutions for a multitude of industry segments. To exploit the full potential out of these technologies, you must know which technological trend suits you and your requirements best.

The question that remains is, how much vigor can technology put into our lives, while the world is groping over the pandemic. Mobile apps are becoming a fresh breath of air for many businesses and users while offering convenient and easy means to handle daily activities. While the pace of mobile apps is getting sophisticated in this digitized world is tremendous, therefore it will be really an exciting year to watch the further evolution of digital technology.

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