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Once users are done with the mobile app installation, the next thing they are required to go ahead with is mobile app onboarding. Mobile app onboarding is something that asks for the crucial and important information of the users to get started with the mobile application. 

Moving on, it is the most basic yet important step in order to understand the users, their preferences, their purchasing patterns, and so on by the businesses. This in turn helps in offering the same services and things to the users without letting them do a lot of hard work. 

When we are saying mobile app onboarding, there are times when the details asked are too much which simply results in encouraging users to uninstall the application. Thus, it is vital to make a balance between what information to be taken to the users and what information needs to be asked from the users. If the balance is rightly set, it becomes easy to make users go ahead with the core functionalities of the app. 

Also, here a leading mobile app development company helps in creating a smoother, easy, and navigating onboarding UI good enough to entice users to it for a longer run. 

Meanwhile, there are several practices often used by businesses, and startups to enhance the user experience. 

Top mobile app onboarding practices to follow

Value proposition

For converting users to paid and active users is quite challenging and tough, however, an easier and swift mobile app onboarding experience can help in doing the task. You can begin by offering the value proposition of the app to the users. 

Highlight the top features and functionalities of the app along with keeping an eye on how to give insights to the users about what they will be getting from the app. Once they are convinced with the app’s value proposition, it will be hard for them to keep away from using the app actively. 

Top information

There is a difference of silver lining between mobile app personalization and too much information. Thus, it is important to understand the difference between what information to be asked and offering app personalization. 

If you keep on asking users about their in-depth information, you will be encouraging users to uninstall the application as users often skip adding their personal information. Take users straight to the core features of the app after asking a few important questions. Assure your users of the security part too that their filled information is confidential and safe. 

Clutter-free onboarding screen

The next thing to be sure of is that the onboarding screen is clutter-free. Though, you will be guiding users to use the app but ensure you are not losing the track of focused app onboarding screen.

Be precise with what words you are using, the phrases, sentences, and others for the onboarding screen. Keep information and questions simple, short, and crisp. 

Let your users reach the app nicely and without a lot of hard work or getting annoyed.


Offering personalization to the users makes them manage their app as per their choice in terms of font size, font color, themes, and others. Thus, to keep them hooked to the app, make sure you are offering them a tailor-made solution in the very beginning. 

Ensure you are giving a free flow of the system to the users so that they can be redirected to their desired location. You can also opt for a user persona for more clarity. 

Skip option

The applications are the problem saver for the biggest of problems too. They can be the source of entertainment, on-demand app development, banking, financial services, and others for crucial solutions.

Moving on, users are already engrossed with their set of daily chores, works, and others, thus, it is good to give users the scope of the “skip” option. This will result in making users keep using the app’s features.


Animations are good to keep the user engaged with the application. If the app takes time to load, and the pages are loading, or if the app is not working, you can get started with animations to engage users in the app. 

Animations are good to make users enticed, engaged, and let them forget them about the minor issues in the application. 

These are some of the top ways for mobile app onboarding experience practices that are great for letting users stick to the app and making their mobile app experience outstanding. 

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