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A missing tooth is more than an unsightly gap. It exposes you to many oral concerns, which can be avoided through restorative dentistry. Austin Advanced Dentistry treatments can help repair or replace damaged or missing teeth to restore their health and function. The treatments include dental implants, bridges, crowns, and fillings and offer cosmetic and restorative impacts. Whether you have a damaged or missing tooth due to tooth decay, cavity, or following trauma like in contact sport or accident, the treatments can help. Here is why you should consider restorative dentistry:

Better dental function

 A damaged/missing tooth impacts your bite, chew, smile, and speech. For instance, a cracked or chipped tooth makes biting or chewing hot/cold items challenging due to increased sensitivity. The damage also affects your smile since opening the mouth means the air gets in, which can trigger the uncomfortable sensitivity experience. If you are missing front teeth, your speech is also affected since you’ll struggle to pronounce certain words referred to as strident sounds.

Restorative dentistry repairs and replaces the damaged or missing tooth to reestablish functional normalcy.

Improve oral hygiene

 A damaged or missing tooth makes your brushing and flossing quests more challenging. The pain and sensitivity mean you are unlikely to do a thorough job. Moreover, the gaps are tricky to clean, making it easier for plaque to build up. Ineffective oral hygiene translates to an increasingly high risk of infection. The plaque provides bacteria with a bleeding environment, quickly infecting your teeth and gums. Restorative dentistry fills the gaps and eliminates the pain and sensitivity, allowing you to comfortably manage the oral hygiene process and keep oral problems at bay.

Enhance long-term dental health

Besides minimizing the gaps where bacteria can hide and improving oral hygiene, restorative dentistry delivers more in your quest to maintain better long-term oral health. Filling the gap and restoring normal dental function facilitates even pressure distribution. Your teeth won’t shift as you chew since they have support, minimizing chances of further tooth loss. Moreover, your jawbone health won’t deteriorate much faster than when you have a missing tooth. The jaw gets the stimulation needed to keep it healthier, allowing you to keep the teeth in place for years. Such restorative dentistry contributions make maintaining a healthy and striking smile for years more manageable.

Striking looks

Besides the unsightly gap, missing tooth leads to jawbone deterioration. Jawbone deterioration results in premature aging signs. You will start to notice wrinkles around your mouth. Your youthful looks will be significantly affected as the facial structure continues to take a blow from a deteriorating jawbone. Your looks affect confidence levels, and as it drops, you are likely to fall short in many areas of your life. Restorative dentistry helps maintain your dazzling smile and facial structure, making it easier to spot striking looks for years and confidently navigate life.

Restorative dentistry, especially with advancing dental technology, continues to help people improve their dental health and function. The innovative restorative treatments make it easier to prevent oral problems and maintain a healthy and bright smile for years. Contact Austin Advanced Dentistry today for more on restorative treatments.

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