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Bhutan is considered as one of the less-visited countries in the world. There are only less than 29,000 visitors each year. Indeed, it is a country that intrigues lots of adventurers around the world.

A visit to Bhutan will let you experience the unique architecture, natural beauty, ancient culture, and gourmet food. Here, you are bound to discover a whole new way of life.

Bhutan is a country that opened its doors in 1974. It was the last country in the world that has allowed entry of satellite television in 1999. This kingdom can be found between China, India, and Tibet. With a population of only one million people, Bhutan is a unique country in the world. Thus, here are some facts that you didn’t know about Bhutan.

Controlled Tourism 

Bhutan finds ways to make everything work to its advantage as well as that of the tourists. They have a low impact, high-value kind of tourism. A vacation to Bhutan is very expensive and it is considered an exclusive affair to some countries. Citizens from Maldives, India, and Bangladesh, any other foreign countries who visit Bhutan are required to pay a daily maximum fee of $250. This covers three meals, accommodation, admission tickets to sights, and a tour guide.

However, a considerable percentage of this fee is being contributed back to the community for free education and healthcare. With this fee, Bhutan can be able to control their number of visitors. They can maintain their sustainable tourism, give way to traffic, and protect its people. Fly to Bhutan now via Druk Air

Gross Domestic Happiness 

In Bhutan, progress and prosperity are measured by the happiness of its people. It is the Gross Happiness Index and not the Gross Domestic Product that influences governance and policy-making.

The idea was started by their fourth king who reigned over Bhutan for 34 years before he gave the throne to his son. Indeed, it was a happy monarchic rule and he has protected the environment and Bhutanese culture. The administration has also taken steps towards industrialization and development. The people lived with warmth and happiness. The good vibes are unstoppable and infectious that it throbs a life of their own. Book your tickets now at

Bhutan is landlocked and it has no oceans. There are no trains, railway networks, no airforce, and no navy. However, since it is the highest country in the world, its mountains are marvelous. When you land in Bhutan by Druk Air, you will be amazed by various hiking and trekking opportunities. Indeed, you will get to see up-close imagery of the elusive peaks which is a cherished experience throughout your lifetime.

Minimum Western Influence

For some of us, it is hard to imagine that Bhutan didn’t participate in international relations 40 years ago. There were only 20 cars, it has never been colonized, and the United Nations had not recognized it as a country. As such, it has remained free from Western influence.

Nowadays, this has been the theme in Bhutan. You will not find any Starbucks, McDonald’s, skyscrapers, giant supermarkets, western architecture, or billboards. Bhutan is devoid of the eyesores in our other countries. Book your tickets now 

No Traffic Signs 

To regulate traffic in Bhutan, white-gloved policemen plus firm civic sense are enough. Thimphu is the only national capital around the world without a single traffic light. However, this does not automatically result in healthy road statistics. This is because awareness is still low for drunk drivers and limited usage of seatbelts, for it is still the cause of accidents.

People Wear the National Dress Each Day 

The people were mandated by the government to wear their traditional dress called Gho and Kira during working hours. They also do this whenever they enter the worship temples. This is the government’s attempt to preserve the Bhutanese culture. But after working hours, you can see the teens on the streets wearing fashionable western clothes as they now see on the television.

The Only Carbon Negative Country in the World 

Bhutan is the only carbon-negative country around the world. Bhutan has rich untouched landscapes and a peaceful environment. Their constitution provides that 60% of their lands must be covered with the forest at all times. Now, their current land covers approximately 72% of forests.

Indeed, they don’t just talk about ecological preservation and sustainable development as a future goal. They are putting it into practice now.

Youngest Democracies in the World 

Among the various things that the Fourth King has been credited with is converting the government into a constitutional democracy. This was not a socio-economic result but more of a royal directive. With this move, it has ended centuries of old monarchical rule. It provided the citizens with more empowering rules as the country progressed. The people still love the royal family and they even have pictures of the King, Queen, and their son. But with democracy, the people now have a bigger say in governance.

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