Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Did you use Instagram Live ever? If not, then this is the best time to try this feature for your brand. It is true indeed that planning a live video for your business and products is time-consuming and anoverwhelming task. That is because you have too much pressure and numerous things to attend to. Then, as a brand, you need to reflect on the same.

According to an article published on, Instagram marketing allows you to make some money for posting awesome visuals and gain free stuff. That is an additional advantage if you are already using Instagram.

Coming back to Instagram Live, it offers a gamut of benefits if your business goes live on this photo-sharing social media app. Here is how:

Priority to post content to your story

You may have noticed when you are on Instagram that the first stories you view right at the top show live below the thumbnail. Yes, they are right at the front of the Instagram Stories, always. This is what happens when you choose Instagram Live.

As you go live on this platform, you have a choice to post it to your IG Story after the end of your video. When you do this, you can place your live video precisely at the front of the IG Story feed. Many visitors open Instagram and begin clicking through IG Stories. When you go Live, your Instagram Story is the first content users will click.

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If you post something truly interesting, users may click through to your IG profile or just continue watching the content. This way, you can provide your audience an opportunity to see and watch your video.

When it comes to IG Stories, they’re arranged, just as the feed. The Instagrammers whom you see at the front are those people that you engage with the most. It implies that your IG Story may get lost amidst the numerous other stories. Consequently, your audience may not what you post. However, when you have Instagram Live, it stops your story from being lost, as the content will show up when your audience will open the IG Gogoanime app.

More engagement

When your brand goes live, you get an opportunity to build user engagement. When people see your video, like, and comment, it proves that users care about your business and products, and they would like to see videos that are more engaging in the days to come. It will help in making your content show up right at the top of their feed and you enjoy more chances to show your story to the audience. No, your story will not get lost.

Remember that you will find loads of content on Instagram daily and unless people highly engage with your content, the chances they will see it is quite little. When you go live, you are close to the top of the newsfeed as well as in the front of all IG Stories. This is what matters for your business. Therefore, you know how Instagram Live helps in making your brand content increasingly visible to your audience. With more engagement, you Repost on Instagram in 2021 from people who love your brand and products.

Highlight your brand persona

Instagram is not only about posting stunning photos or reels videos but also about building good business relationships with your customers. People will not engage with your Instagram content if you do not reply to their comments, lack a face to your business name, and all you do is push sales.

When you go live, it helps you building a healthy relationship with your audience because you give a face to your brand, personality, and voice, and most essentially, it is like an open conversation with your audience or followers. If you manage to achieve all these things, there is nothing like it.

When you opt for Instagram Live, it is about showing your targeted audience who you are, what your business is about, and why you’re different compared to the other brands.

Opportunity to answer questions in real-time

Your audience will ask questions related to your products or services on offer, and Instagram Live helps you answer all their questions live! People who follow you on IG Live can post a question and you can reply to them instantly, in real-time.

This way, you have an advantage when using Instagram Live unlike direct messages (DM) or emails to have a question answered. IG Live saves you from the extra steps of reaching out to your audience through DMs or emails. Live videos also make your business more approachable and show your followers that you care about them.

When you have open communication with your existing and prospective customers, it will boost their experience with your brand. Consequently, your existing or potential buyers will become your repeat customers and even recommend your business or products to their friends and family.

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Develop current relationships and create new ones

Apart from showing your brand persona to your audiences, Instagram Live also helps to build o your current relationships and form new ones. When yourbrand is live, IG will send notifications to Instagrammers to try, follow your brand.

You’ll be notified about people whom you do not follow, sometimes. It means that there is a possibility that someone stumbles upon your video and stops by to see what is happening. You can see these people join right away, welcome them to your video, and initiate a conversation.

Usually, customers engage with a brand and purchase from it if they have the trust. When you welcome people to watch your live video, you make a new friend who sees your video, thus building a relationship and trust gradually. This way, you get an opportunity to have a new lead and a prospective customer in the days to come. You need to develop and nurture these relationships to make them work for the benefit of your business.


Now that you know about some of the benefits of Instagram Live, try it. It will help you build followers, great business relationships, engagement, and eventually sales.

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