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Here we tell you everything you need to know about SARMS; what they are, what are the best sarms and many more… Let’s start with:

What are SARMs?

SARMS stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They improve physical performance, more strength, more resistance, and better metabolism in short.  

How effective are SARMS?

So far we can say that it is the first generation of SARMS and the results are very similar to those of conventional steroids, however, it would be a lie to say that they are the same. The reality is that the effects are a little lighter than those of a conventional steroid.

Top SARMs for Cutting & Bulking

Currently, there are several SARMS on the market and the benefits of each one are different, so here we leave you a list of the best known SARMS with their effects.

MK 677 Growth Hormone

According to several studies MK 677 increases IGF-1 levels between 39 to 89%. An incredible advantage considering the drastic effects on the body that elevated levels of IGF-1 have. The recommended dose of MK 677 is between 5 to 25 milligrams per day in a cycle of 10 weeks. Benefits: Promotes wound healing, and solves problems with ligaments, tendons, bones, as well as injuries caused by age. Promotes lean muscle mass and increases fat oxidation. It also improves the effectiveness of the immune system and energy levels.

RAD 140

The Effects of RAD 140 are Similar to taking an anabolic steroid and/or a cycle of prohormones, you can these benefits by using RAD 140: Increased speed and endurance during workouts. Faster gain of muscle tissue in a shorter period of time. Based on medical tests, RAD 140 also showed a greater anabolic effect than testosterone. The researchers noted that in addition to having a more “boosting” effect than testosterone, It was also noted to help reduce androgenic side effects that can potentially be caused by testosterone on the prostate. Dosage: Experts are still researching the ideal dosage amount of RAD 140 to maximize benefits, especially the increase in lean body mass.

Cardarine GW 501516  

SARMs GW 501516 or Cardarine is the fat burning solution without stimulants or catabolic effects. GW 501516 is a PPAR agonist and stimulates glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue. Burns fat by stimulating the oxidation of fatty acids. Cardarine allows weight loss by using fat stores for energy instead of carbohydrates. GW 501516 is also a great promoter of aerobic endurance, especially when combined with the AICAR compound. In fact, it is used by elite athletes and competitors for this reason. The usual dose of Cardarine is 10 to 20 mg per day. To increase endurance, a dose of 10mg a day is sufficient, and the higher the dose, the greater the fat loss benefits. It can be used for up to 12 weeks without any risk or need for protectors or PCT.


YK-11 is a great treatment for muscle wasting diseases as well as muscle gains with very remarkable results. Like other peptides, YK-11 Mutant binds to androgen receptors in muscle and bone. This means that YK-1 provides anabolic effects while minimizing negative effects on the prostate and other organs. On top of that, YK-11 is a bit lighter than ligandrol, and is great for lean gains on par with testosterone. It produces lean gains, and provides reduction of body fat. It is commonly used between 5mg and 10mg per day.  

We recommend SARMS to users of any experience level, as long as they have the discipline to pursue training and diets appropriate to their goals. REMEMBER THAT SARMS can give you the best performance and put your metabolism at maximum, but if they do not consume the right nutrients your body will not change much SINCE MUSCLES ARE NOT FORMED FROM AIR.  

Where to buy SARMs?

A lot of websites online offer sarms for sale nowadays. To choose the best SARMs you have to make sure the website is legit. It should provide contact information, real customer service and verified reviews, otherwise you’re getting yourself into risky business.

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