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We may not see warm weather until June if the current trend continues. Has this, however, stopped us from fantasizing about brighter days ahead? Not in the least. More particular, we can’t get enough of the stunning spring nail-art designs and manicures we’re planning to attempt in the coming months. And we’re well aware that we can’t be the only ones. 


Manicurists projected multi-colored digits, ornate press-on, and nostalgic patterns as some of the leading nail art trends for 2021 year. Those styles have recently been popping up all over our Instagram Explore feeds. You’ll find some stunning and simple nail designs ahead. Here you go, have some fun exploring the world of nails. 


Metallic dots 

This look was created for minimal nail-art fans and neophytes both because it couldn’t be simpler to achieve — no professional assistance is required. “I adore a sheer-base manicure because you can’t see any growth,” says Kate Smith, a nail artist from the United Kingdom. “For the polka dots, I made sure I used three highly pigmented colors, so they truly popped out.” To recreate this look at home, start with a nude or beige base color, such as Essie’s Wild Nude, and then use a thin line brush or dotting tool to apply your metallic dots. 


Pride Stripes

“Four LGBTQIA+ flag color schemes inspired this design,” Smith explains of the rainbow-striped aesthetic. “I hand-painted the lines using very pigmented colors.” Use a very thin nail-art brush, according to Smith. The Micro Trader 3Pcs Ultra-thin Nail Art Brush is an excellent choice for creating clean, runway-straight lines. 


Delicately Dotted Rainbow Nails 

Another terrific suggestion for nail-art newbies is this super-easy (but still lovely) manicure, which is as simple as painting each nail a different color and adding some tiny white dots with a toothpick. “I utilized a variety of pastel foundation colors that always make me think of spring,” Smith adds. “For the polka dots, I used a dotting tool, although a cocktail stick would suffice.” 


Graphics with Negative Space

“The Black movement and equality of Blacks in America inspired me,” nail artist Gina Edwards says of the design she created for a photo shoot. “The design, which was inspired by George Floyd and others before him, depicts black strokes going in many directions in quest of equality and respect.”  Simply paint whispy half moon-style lines on each digit using a small paintbrush brush to achieve this look. Depending on your preference, you can leave the base naked or apply a nude or light-pink lacquer.


Mid-Century Modern Purple

When it came to Edwards’ colorful, multicolored invention, Art Deco was the name of the game. She says, “There was no guide for this appearance.” “I ended up combining Emilie Heathe’s colors and chose to create a grid on the nail.”  You’ll need two hues of purple lavender and a dark grape color as well as a sharp, opaque white to achieve this appearance. To make the grid, combine a striping nail stencil (like this one) with a thin nail art brush to give you control.


These nail salon estero fl, spring nail art desi are winning over millions of women’s hearts. If you want to stand out from the crowd this summer, follow these top spring nail art trends. 


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