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For those who wish to buy vivid and ornate jewellery, there are many stores both online and offline to choose from. Whether you choose bridal jewellery for your important day, traditional black beads, or a modern version of the choker necklace, there are plenty of options available in the market to choose from.

However, not all stores are alike, and while shopping from some may give you a more satisfactory experience, shopping from others may leave you fuming. During difficult times of the pandemic, we make it easier to help you choose the right online store. So, before you scour from store to store, here are a few pointers to keep in mind before shopping. 

Know what you want

Knowing your specific needs can go a long way in deciding the right store to shop from. So, before you set out shopping, set your priorities straight. Decide whether you want something easy on the pocket, precious metal jewellery or a piece with exquisite design. Having a rough idea of your budget, the occasion you’re shopping for, and the time frame you can provide for delivery can help in narrowing down your searches. 

  • Buy from someone you trust

The second most important step to keep in mind is to buy from a trusted seller. This will ensure that you get hold of a jewellery piece that you wanted. This can get quite challenging if you’re shopping for the first time, but not all is in vain. Your past experiences or those of a friend or family member can help you choose. While establishing trust with a jeweller can take time, do rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and feedback from trusted sources. Another great way of buying from a trusted source is to look for your favourite shop online. With time, many brick-and-mortar stores now enjoy a presence in the online world.

  • Reading up reviews

Reviews are a great way to help one decide on the right piece of jewellery. The ratings and feedback given by past customers can help you choose what kind of jewellery to buy from and where. It also helps you get a better understanding of what you can expect from a particular brand. Visiting the social media handles of many sellers is a great idea too. You can check out the engagement of the brand on varied social media platforms, and will also learn what people have to say about it.

  • Buy from someone who keeps your needs in mind

Today, various jewellers in the market set out to hard-sell products they have in their store. Opt for a store that keeps your requirements in mind and can furnish you with the jewellery you can fall in love with. Look for a store with many designs and creativity that ranges from traditional to antique and modern. This way, your needs will be well taken care of at the store. Also, make your choice based on whether you want designer jewellery that’s one of a kind or generic designs that are easier on your pocket.

  • Look for range

Never compromise on the range. Buying from a store with a limited range is not always a good idea. While this can be done if you have a specific piece in mind, opting for a store that offers plenty of range is always a better bet. When purchasing jewellery like traditional Indian jewellery, do ensure that the store lets you choose from a vivid range of chokers, necklaces, antique jewellery, bangles, earrings etc.

  • Check the quality

With the above aspect stated clearly, do not compromise on the quality of the jewellery. If the store has plenty of variety but seems lower in quality, then it’s better to look elsewhere. A knowledgeable store owner can provide you with the right information, and assurance on quality. When buying diamonds, information on the 4Cs (cut, clarity, carat weight, and colour) must be made available to you. Quality of materials can be assured through various certifications as well.

  • Look at the certifications 

Before making a purchase, make sure to read the terms and conditions mentioned on the site. Also, gather information about the certifications that are made available. When purchasing diamonds, mandatorily ensure that the store provides a valid certificate from the top certification institutions. While buying precious stones, gold or silver, look for certifications that provide data on purity and make. 

  • Look at fine print and policies.

Keep in mind information on warranties and guarantees that the store can make available for you. Each store has a different set of policies. Ensure to gather information on how these will affect your purchase. Among the various policies, do keep in mind that the return policy is available at the store. This can assure you of a safe buying experience, especially when shopping online.

  • Check the gamut of available services.

A wide range of services should be what you need to look out for within the store. Look for fitting services, repair and other aspects the store may offer. This will assure that the store itself will address any issues with the jewellery you buy.

  • Buy at the right price.

Buying from stores that sell at a steep price is as bad as buying from one that sells at meagre costs. Compare prices at a few stores before taking your pick. While you can make the occasional purchase of high-priced jewellery from designer boutique stores, stores that sell at too low a price, often indicate something fishy.

Buying from a store that offers an array of designs has options to suit your style, offers quality and great pricing is always the best bet. Don’t fall for huge discounts or meagre prices on jewellery which can be mediocre and dangerous. Forging a bond of trust with the seller, buying from a known brand and gaining insights through reviews are other aspects that you can consider. While it is difficult to decide which best online jewellery store, as each may have its unique features, keeping the above aspects in mind can help you choose better.

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