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Tips to Take Care of Your Golf Clubs

Purchasing a set of golf clubs is something that most avid golfers do at least once in their life and it’s not a decision that they take lightly. In fact, getting the right set often requires days or weeks of research. Plus additional time spent in stores testing out each potential set. There are a variety of high quality golf club sets for women that will go the distance in learning to play the game. Given the thoughtfulness of the decision making process and the financial investment, each set of clubs is expected to last a golfer several years. In order to make sure that a set of clubs lasts, golfers often use golf club covers to help protect their investment and help maintain their performance year over year.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some easy and important tips to follow to care for your Golf Clubs for Women.

  • Careful storage and usage


It almost goes without saying that you want to store your golf clubs in a safe environment. While most people know that storing clubs in an enclosed environment (ie. inside a house, garage, or car) is better than outside where they are exposed to the elements, many people get confused about what exactly it means to keep them outside. While leaving your golf clubs inside your car trunk may seem like a safe choice, it’s actually not your best option. In fact, it may get extremely hot or cold in the trunk which can affect the glue that holds the grip and cause unnecessary damage to the grip of the club. Read more about trackman simulator

In addition to storing them well, you also want to ensure proper usage of the golf clubs. While frustration can occur on the course it’s best not to take it out on the clubs by throwing them or slamming them down into the bag with too much force. Even if you did just miss the perfect shot remember to take care of your investment.


  • Follow proper cleaning methods


A good golfer will know how to play golf, but a great one will always know how to clean the golf clubs the right way. It doesn’t just help keep your clubs looking good, but it also keeps the performance of the clubs at the highest level. Regular use means that grass and dirt can easily accumulate on the grooves of the clubs, resulting in poor spin and control. This can have a negative impact on the overall performance so be sure to clean them off when you’re in the middle of a round as well as before and after.

According to experts, the clubhead and grip are the two most important parts of each club to keep clean. Using some vinegar to remove rust from the shaft of each club is always the most preferred way.

In order to properly clean the head of the golf clubs, follow these steps:

  • Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and some soap;
  • Dunk the head of the clubs into the water and wait for a few seconds;
  • Wipe off the water with a clean towel;
  • Remove any dirt or debris from the grooves.



  • Use Good Headcovers


Good head covers are the right choice to preserve the most delicate and easily damaged part of the golf clubs – the head. In the professional world, having golf head covers is considered the norm. The reason is because the heads of golf clubs can get damaged during even the simplest of tasks such as taking a club out of or putting one back into a golf bag. Golf club covers are designed to protect the head while clubs are being stored and even during your ride to the course in a car or golf cart.

In addition to driver headcovers, you must get a golf bag with a rain hood. This will not just help protect the tops of your clubs, but also prevent moisture from getting down into the bag and damaging other parts of the clubs.

Final words

Apart from regular cleaning and covering the golf clubs properly, it is recommended that you keep looking for signs of wear on your clubs. You should inspect the grips for shiny areas at regular intervals. Shine indicates slickness which can turn into worn areas or result in cracks. A good golf club will always have a strong grip and you will be able to hold onto the club properly. There are many other wear and tear signs that you must inspect quite often to make sure your clubs are in good condition.

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