Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

The demand for data scientists has increased by 29% year over year and there is a 344% increase since 2013. IBM claims that the annual demand for data scientists, data developers, and data engineers will lead to 700,000 new recruitments by 2020. Top countries where certified big data professional are in huge demand include US, UK, Germany, India, France, Canada, China, Singapore, Russian Federation, and Singapore.

Let’s talk about the top 5 big data jobs! 

Data Scientist- Data science training in hyderabad is a high demand skill and hence, the demand for data scientists is increasing dramatically. The hottest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning may be the factors responsible for the tremendous demand for data scientist professionals. A data scientist must be fluent in any one programming language. It may be Python or R. They must be experienced in tools such as Hive, BigQuery, AWS, Spark and Hadoop, as well as training in statistical modeling, machine learning, and programming. 

Data Engineer- Data engineers are masters in outlining, constructing, and controlling the data-based systems in support of an organization’s analytical and transactional operations. They are required to build data pipelines to collect data, prepare the data as a part of an ETL or ELT process, assures the data is ready to be used and much more. They create an environment and infrastructure for the data scientists to work in and make sure that they have all the clean and reliable data.

Data Architect- Data architects must have strong marketing and analytical skills, a solid knowledge of statistics and applied math, and an understanding of security and governance. A Big Data Architect is required to use Hadoop or Spark as the data processing engine, and a dozen other tools and applications, including data modeling and visualization tools, advanced analytical tools, data collection and storage tools, ETL tools, database languages like SQL and NoSQL, and coding languages such as Java and Python.

Data Administrator- Data administrators have become so sought after. There is a high demand for them at the moment. The demand for data administrators is increasing due to the need to collect and store data properly. Even database administrators who design computer systems are also in high demand. 

Data Analyst- Data analysts try to understand the origin of data with the use of technology. They collect and analyze the data, identify correlations and interpret patterns to yield the useful information. Big data is used everywhere, from transport management to workforce management, there is something for all!

As shown in the infographics, 500K+ big data jobs were posted in 2018 and almost 50% of these jobs remain unfulfilled. It’s time to make your big data career in this lucrative field now. Since a career in big data requires a lot of skill sets, it becomes obligatory for the professionals to get certified. Certifications help the individuals get credibility and recognition in the top industries. Get certified now and make it big in the big data!

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