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Travertine is the foremost option for stair treads

There is nothing like the look and feel of travertine tiles perth in a home for stair treads. Although they are commonly associated with bathrooms. Homeowners have found that travertine stair treads are ideal for other areas of their home, such as the kitchen. 

Because travertine is formed from calcite or dolomite, it is a natural product and adds a touch of elegance to any place it is used. Marble tiles on the floor will enhance the appearance of your kitchen but beware that too much travertine can overwhelm a room.

Patterns and colors of travertine tiles:

Travertine tiles come in a variety of patterns and colors. In addition to being used as floor coverings, travertine stair treads can also be used on steps and walls to add a dramatic effect. It is advisable to ensure that all travertine tile floor you decide to use in your home are cut precisely to the correct size. 

It can be frustrating to purchase travertine tiles that are not the right size. Especially if you have been purchasing them for a long time.

Style of travertine:

If you have decided to install travertine tile, there are a few points you should consider. The first thing you need to decide is the style you want. If your house has a modern design, travertine stair treads made from marble could be a perfect choice. 

Travertine flooring made from marble may be a perfect choice for those who live in a traditional home. No matter which type of travertine you choose, you are bound to enjoy the unique look it will give your home.

It gives an alluring look:

Tumbled travertine tiles can give a great look to any room of your home. They are very versatile, and they can fit in with different styles of homes. You can have fun selecting the colors of travertine tiles to match the other items of furniture in your home, as well as the colors of your home. 

There are many different looks to travertine that you can try out, including various patterns such as domains or checks. Well-finished travertine on the stair railing will add a great decorative touch to any room of your home. 

They will give your home a stylish look. Adding travertine to your staircase will also enhance its beauty and add extra safety. This type of product has been used in homes for a long time and is widely popular. This is why it is easy to find a wide range of travertine tile suitable for installation on your stairs.

Installing travertine tiles on your stairs will bring elegance and beauty to your home. Your children will love travertine, and you will enjoy having such a beautiful addition to your home.

It is not just a matter of adding more stone to your home, but it adds an extra layer of safety as well. You can choose the exact shade of color you want. You can even get travertine mosaic marble tile with designs on them.

Marble and travertine tiles:

Marble and travertine tiles are both beautiful, but they are different.  So if you are going to install travertine on stair treads in an area with lots of foot traffic, then marble tiles would be an ideal choice. Marble tiles are known to be harder to wear.

This is because marble tiles are much easier to walk on than travertine tile. Travertine tiles are very durable, and they do not become damaged easily; however, this does not mean that travertine is not suitable for some areas.

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Clearing of Travertine

The easiest way to clean Travertine tile is to clean it by using a mild commercial cleaning product. You should make sure that the solution that you use does not have any abrasive ingredients like coarse sand or steel wool. Also follow some new trending Staircase Ideas for your home/office interior that really make your place attractive. Commercial cleaners usually contain cleaning agents like acetone that may leave some residue on the tile.


It is the perfect choice for stair treads because, for many homeowners, Travertine tiles are used for flooring in their home. Traditionally, marble floors are used in houses because they are extremely hardwearing and durable. If you want a particular type of flooring, Travertine tile can be used since they are ideal for high traffic areas. I recommend you to buy travertine stair treads from Nesttile online.

Travertine tiles are also available in various designs, which can be used to add color to a room or create patterns on a floor. You can also use mosaic tiles for your home’s flooring if you like a more complex look.

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