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The triple-double is an achievement in the game of basketball. A large number of the most popular players and top pick competitors are high in the rankings for this accomplishment.

The double-double alludes to a solitary game presentation wherein a basketball player scores at least ten of something like two of the accompanying statistical classifications: points, rebounds, steals, helps, and blocked shots. The principal “double” alludes to there being two classifications in which this accomplishment has been reached, and the second “double” alludes to double-digits or double figures at least ten points, rebounds, steals, and so forth


A triple-double in basketball happens when a player scores at least ten out of three unique classifications, including points, rebounds, steals, helps, and blocked shots. For instance, throughout the game, a player might score eighteen points, make fifteen rebounds, and help twelve shots, finishing a triple-double in that game. More uncommon are fourfold doubles, when a player scores at least ten for four classes, and quintuple-doubles for five classifications.


A triple-double can work with any combination of accomplishments, yet a few combinations are bound to happen than others. The most widely recognized triple-double includes a combination of points, rebounds, and helps. Albeit more uncommon, there are situations when steals or squares can be important for a triple-double. To score a triple-double, it is vital to have adaptability in skills.


11 Players With Record Triple-Doubles. During the 1979-80 NBA season, the triple-double turned into an official statistical class. Today, double-doubles and double-triples are recorded at a wide range of levels: secondary school, school, and professional associations. Probably the most well known holders of this differentiation are at the

professional level:

Andy Phillip: Andy Phillip of the Philadelphia Warriors was the NBA player to record the principal triple-double. In a 1950 NBA game against the Fort Wayne Pistons. Some of the NBA players are the following:

Russell Westbrook:

Westbrook, point watch for the Washington Wizards, previously of the Oklahoma City Thunder, holds the biggest number of vocation triple-doubles during the ordinary season, at one hundred and 87 the other is Oscar Robertson (“The Big O”) of the Cincinnati Royals.

Wizardry Johnson: Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers holds the record for the biggest number of triple-doubles in the postseason with thirty.

James Harden:

James Harden of the Houston Rockets is first in quite. A while for most points scored in a triple-double, with sixty points. He made ten rebounds and eleven helps to finish that triple-double in 2018.

LeBron James:

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers as of now has a record of 99 triple-doubles in normal season. And 28 in the playoffs. here are some signature shoes of Lebron James.

Luka Dončić:

Luka Dončić of the Dallas Mavericks is another dynamic player who has been piling up triple-doubles.


Larry Kenon: Former players Larry Kenon and Kendall Gill share the record for most steals in a triple-double, with eleven.


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