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Penetration testing is a process used to discover vulnerabilities on networks, systems, or applications. Hire penetration tester companies to test the security of your network or system before they are attacked by hackers or cybercriminals posing as legitimate users. This article discusses the different types of penetration tests and what you need to know when outsourcing penetration testing services in Singapore.

Hiring the right penetration tester companies can be a challenge. You also need to understand what you are paying for and the difference between different kinds of penetration testers.Here’s your guide to hiring a top-notch penetration testing company in Singapore that can help your business make a significant improvement in its cybersecurity.

Types of penetration testing

Although there are several different types of penetration tests, they can be classified into three basic types. These are black-box, white-box, and grey-box penetration testing.

Black box penetration testing – A black box test requires the tester to have no knowledge of the system he has to attack. The test is completely blind, and the penetration tester has to find all security flaws from scratch. In a black-box penetration testing company, the limitations of knowledge are included in the system being tested.

White box penetration testing – White box tests have extensive knowledge about the target system, including its source code, hardware, applications, system security settings, and network topology. The tester knows everything about the target system, but it is limited to its logical aspects.

Grey box penetration testing – Grey box tests have limited knowledge about the target system, like in the case of white-box penetration testing. The difference between grey box and white-box testing is that the tester has advanced knowledge of the target system’s logical aspects in grey-box testing. Penetration testing companies use these three basic types to test different kinds of systems and applications. Penetration testers undergo extensive training and certifications to understand these different types.

Before hiring a penetration tester company, look for the following:

  • Specialization – It is important to check whether the penetration testing company works with specific systems or products. Whether they have certified Testers professionals who can work with any system.
  • Hiring process – Certification and training of penetration testers is time-consuming and can be costly. Check if the company provides certified penetration testers or hires them after thorough screening.
  • Expertise – Ask about their experience performing various penetration tests and what they have achieved in past projects.
  • Methodology – Check if the company uses a standard methodology for performing penetration tests and whether it is flexible enough to meet the requirements of your business.
  • Methods, tools, and techniques used – Request the penetration testing company to provide you with a list of services and software they use to perform penetration testing.
  • Reporting – The level of detail in the report and its usefulness is an important factor you should consider when hiring a penetration testing company.
  • Pricing and turnaround time – Low-quality penetration testing services can affect your business and lead to potential loss of customers. Thus, you need to check if the penetration testing company provides quality services at an affordable price.

Bottom line

Whenever you hire an outside firm to test the security of your business, there is always a risk involved. Therefore, it is important that you check the qualifications and certifications of the penetration testers and their expertise in performing penetration tests on various kinds of businesses and systems. When it comes to hiring a top-notch penetration testing company, it is important to check the penetration testers’ background and work experience. It would be best to ask for a list of tools and techniques used by them and the methodology implemented in every project.

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