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Types of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) <![CDATA[Types of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)]]>

Types of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customer Relationship Management a broad and popular term often used in businesses promotes a good concept in approaching the target market and building a relationship towards them. This may also include the following: inviting, studying, and satisfying the client. In line with this, the customers may have different kind of needs but the CRM helps the company to understand them like a puzzle being attached together to be comprehend. There were several types of customer relationship management that can help a business to become a successful one such as: Strategic, Operational, Analytical, Campaign Management, Sales Force Automation, Collaborative, Sales Intelligence and Service Automation.

  • Strategic

One of the most important type and this isn’t a popular CRM but it plays a huge role for the business. Having a good strategy in the CRM, is the key to be more processed, and practical in building a good customer-centric business culture around the area.

  • Operational

This type of CRM will generally mean that there will be an organization that will take care of the customer by catering their different type of problem or needs. There will be also a support coming from the organization in terms of the service, marketing and sales in the business process. This system also uses CRM application software that help store the important files of the customer to a single big file. Mostly, the assistance the customers encounter comes from the sites, data gatherers, contact databases etc.

  • Analytical

It is one of the main components of developing the system, giving new strategies, sales campaigns and production development of the system-with the help of analyzing the gathered data from the customers.

  • Campaign Management

These systems will rely on the sales process of the business production towards to their different customers. It is also a great idea on focusing a single customer that is very effective in getting the customer to the business by sending special offers to them.

  • Sales Force Automation

The system will keep track about what is happening around the business— inside or outside. Automate the employees by scheduling calls, mailings, and making reports. These type of activities will monitor the system of the different types of stages in business.

  • Collaborative

It covers the direct communication towards the customer, it includes the feedback coming whether it’s a positive or negative response. Some of the channels of communication used in interacting with the customers are through email, video chatting, call and even an automated voice response. Furthermore, this system does not only talk about the customers, but also to the distributor, benefactors supplier and etc.

  • Sales Intelligence

This is another system that has goes similar to the analytical CRM; however this system will focus on researching, gathering important information. Furthermore, this comes from the different sources in terms about the possible products that can be sold, to keep the business company running into its progress.

  • Service Automation

The main point of this system is to facilitate the customer and cater them in a positive service. Helping the customers on how to connect with business starts by giving them information on how to contact the business system such as; Helplines, Messages, Email and etc. Therefore, the root of an effective customer relationship management begins at building a foundation of a trusted relationship and communicates using the artistic form of connection. Fill the shoes of your customers, then you’ll truly understand what they truly need.

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