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Dental implants are replacements for lost teeth. They are artificial tooth roots manufactured out of metal or implant-grade ceramics surgically inserted into the jawbone. The bone then attaches to the implant, making it strong enough to attach replacement teeth. This ensures their durability over time compared with traditional dentures, which tend to slip.

Since the implant acts as an artificial tooth root, you can make it out of any approved material for dental use, making them more customizable than bridges and crowns. All you need is for your dentist to take an x-ray of your jawbone so that they know where the implants are supposed to be. A Tomball dental implant restoration specialist can help you out if you consider implants. Here are the different types you can take advantage of:

Fixed Bridges

A fixed bridge is a replacement for a single row of teeth. It holds the replacement teeth in place with implants attached to it to keep them in place even when you eat and talk. The bridge acts as a false tooth root that connects two crowns on either side of it together.

This type of restoration can be helpful if your dentist identifies that you have a gap between your teeth, which can ruin your smile. The gap can be closed using this type of restoration, but implants are only viable when they are in the correct position for this to happen.

To attach it to your jawbone, the dentist will use implants that act as roots for replacement teeth that fit into them. These replacement teeth are the ones that restore your smile, so they need to be custom-made from porcelain.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to restore teeth that have broken down or become severely discolored. They are similar to the roots you find in natural teeth.

This artificial root has a metal coating fused with porcelain, which makes up the body of your tooth. The restorative material can be custom-made using CAD/CAM to create a crown that matches the color of your original teeth.

The dentist inserts this into the opening left behind by your decayed tooth, restoring its shape and function. They are also helpful in covering implants when placed in difficult positions for people to notice.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth that are used to restore your smile. When placed in the correct positions, they can look like real teeth. However, this type of restoration does not work well with bridges and crowns because their positioning interferes with how it is supposed to fit.

This is why an implant-supported denture is a better choice. It has a metal framework that serves as a base for replacing teeth. These replacement teeth are then attached to it with implants, which have been inserted into your jawbone. The prosthetic is then secured on top of them using screws and adhesive cement.

In summary, dental implants are replacements for missing teeth. Fixed bridges are implants that replace a single row of teeth. Dental crowns replace severely damaged discolored or broken teeth. Implant-supported dentures act like traditional dentures but are secured using screws and adhesive cement.

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