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Types of Electric Saws: When to Use Which OnePower Saws

If you have a garden with lots of trees or like to make something in the garage, an electric saw can make your life much easier. Of course, if you choose the right tool. 

Main Types of Electric Saws 

There are 2 basic types of saws: hand saws and stationary ones. They come in different styles, each suited for specific jobs. So, let’s look at these types of electric saws:

  • Chainsaw. That is the most common type of electric hand saw, where the main element is a chain with sharp teeth. People use it most often to cut down trees. If you want to use a chainsaw to cut other wooden objects, keep in mind that this tool can’t make a smooth cut.
  • Circular saw. The cutting element is a disc that rotates at great speed. The circular saw leaves a smooth cut and can cut boards, plywood, metal, etc. But, you need the best circular saw blades for cutting particular materials. If you plan to saw items up to 2 inches thick, an ordinary saw will do for you, but if more than 2 inches, choose a professional one.
  • Sabre saw. Externally, this tool resembles an electric drill. Only instead of a drill, it has a thin, sharp saw. It can be used, for example, for cutting down small branches. A saber saw also comes to the rescue in hard-to-reach places, where it is inconvenient to work with a chain saw because of its size.
  • Jigsaw. That is a miniature electric saw, which you can’t use in your garden. However, it will come in handy for making woodwork, holes, or sawing bottom boards.

Essential Features of an Electric Saw 

Electric saws have many features due to their variety. However, you should know the key characteristics that affect the saw performance. 

  • Power. The more watts the device consumes, the more powerful it is.
  • Several strokes per minute. The power saw makes a certain number of up-and-down strokes in one minute. The more such movements, the more efficient and faster the saw works. 
  • Variable speed. You won’t always need to use the saw at full power, so having speed control will be a plus. 
  • Maximum cutting thickness. The manufacturer states the maximum thickness the saw can cut.  

Also, pay attention to the type of power supply. It goes without saying that an electric saw runs from the mains. But modern models often run on battery power. The absence of unnecessary wires may be a convenient option for you. 

Find the Appropriate Tool 

As you can see, choosing a wood carving tool is not that difficult. So if you need to trim branches or cut down an entire tree in your yard, a regular chainsaw is just right for you. Choose a circular one for fine woodworking and making neat cuts. A jigsaw or saber saw will be enough for sawing small objects or making holes. 

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