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Like all other items in your home, garage doors come in many different materials, shapes, and colors. But all doors can be divided into one of three basic opening methods: open door, rolling door, and open door.

  • Swing doors: Swing doors, also known as overhead doors or canopy doors, have been the most popular door style for decades until sectional doors replace them. These single-pane doors tilt upward and inward by torsion springs and then hide in the top space of the garage.


  1. It is cheaper than other types of garage doors.
  2. Lower maintenance costs because there are fewer moving parts (such as wheels and rails) compared to sectional doors.
  3. The torsion spring and cable are relatively easy to replace and inexpensive. Because there are no rails through the garage, it is possible to create limited storage space on the roof in  the narrow area between the door and the roof.


  1. Outside vehicles cannot park near the gate. There is a risk of damage if the car is parked too close to the top opening door by mistake.
  2. The first or both legs of the upswing can be tricky (although the spring takes over quickly and completes the action).
  • Sectional doors (roller shutters): Sectional garage doors are the most popular doors today. Three to eight solid parts move up the vertical rails of the door frame. These tracks guide the pieces up and then go through a steep curve. After that, the horizontal fence inside the garage, connected to the roof, takes over and guides the door into the rest of the garage.


  1. Maximizes the width of the door because the external vertical rail extends up the length of the door frame. This provides a broader passage for your vehicles to enter and exit the garage.
  2. The doors are unlikely to accidentally fall off on their own (compared to single pane top casement doors, which can fail catastrophically).


  1. Limits garage roof storage space due to support brackets attached to the roof. The combination door installation and maintenance costs are very high because there are many moving parts. In particular, the track must be kept clean and lubricated.
  2. Although rolling up of sectional doors can be done, they are different from another type of garage door called a rolling door. Usually found in warehouses and other commercial

buildings, this is a flexible steel curtain installed on the door frame in the form of a roll (such as a paper towel roll).

  • Swing-Out Door: Do you have an older house or want to increase the attractiveness of the house? Side-hinged doors maximize the retro look, as wooden carriage-style doors fit this category. These aren’t the most popular types of doors as others because most require  manual operation. Power revolving doors can be installed but are often very expensive.


  1. Because few moving parts can be damaged, side hinged garage doors are rarely damaged.   The hinges and latches are the only moving parts, and most homeowners can fix these two parts.


  1. The Side Swing Garage Door requires you to get out of the car and operate it manually. If security concerns you, this may not be your choice. Before the door can be opened, snow and other obstacles in the driveway must be removed entirely.
  2. The door has only a few inches of clearance. Because they are located in the center, swing doors are often less secure than other types of doors.

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