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Types of web hosting and its features

Web hosting is a type of facility which allows different individuals or any company to launch their website or any webpage on to the internet. Any web host or web hosting service provider is basically a business in in which a specific web host provides all the technologies and services to their client which are required for their website to be shown on the internet. Websites are basically stored on special types of computers known as the servers.

Like the space you have in your computer or laptop, in a similar way a website also needs some space when it is to be hosted. Because all the services which are being provided by the web host need to be placed on the server of that web host so that the website operates properly.

Types of web hosting

Different hosting companies provide different types of web hosting and a few companies like GoDaddy offer all types of web hosting. A simple way to get started is by knowing the type of web hosting you want and it also depends upon the condition and reputation of your site as well. Then look for a hosting company to provide you the services.

There are basically four types of web hosting and they are as following: if you are looking for a Cloudways coupon code? Get a 3-months free hosting on Cloudways managed cloud hosting platform with this special promo code for Woblogger users.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is an option when the budget is low and limited. It is very cheap and it is suggested for the beginners. There is a reason for it to be used by the beginners. In the shared hosting, the host puts a lot of users on a single server. These users can be in a very large number, like they can be over 100 users on a server. Now every user might have different sites so the number of sites being hosted at a single server in shared hosting crosses the double amount of users.checkout Godaddy Promo code India

The issue here is that all the websites on server share the same resources. Now if a website gets the most visitors, it can use up to 75% of the server’s memory and the rest of the websites will be left with very less. But still it has an advantage for the beginners to get hosting even at a low budget.

VPS hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and it is the most famous service to upgrade to and it also proves to the most balanced one.

VPS hosting is also a shared type of environment but it is shared in a very different manner. A VPS hosting server is limited to 10 to 20 websites which automatically decrease the stress and the resources of the host are not utilized undividedly.

All the server resources are shared equally, for example if there are 10 users and the server has 10GB or RAM and 200Gb of hard drive space, then each user will get 1GB of RAM and 20Gb of hard drive space. No site gets affected due to any other site on that server.

Dedicated hosting

In this type of web hosting you are free from all the sharing on a single server. In dedicated hosting your website is being hosted alone at a separate server. This gives a lot of advantages, but there are a few drawbacks as well.

As most of the companies allow you to customize extensively, you can easily select the amount of memory and they type of OS you want to install on the server. This provides you with a lot of flexibility required for some software. With great flexibility comes great control, as you can run many tools performing a similar function to make your website work faster.

A downside of dedicated hosting is that the whole server has been given to you to use and if any hardware issue occurs you will have to wait for some while to get it repaired or changed as compared to the VPS hosting.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is pretty much similar to the VPS hosting. Many companies don’t even call their provided services as VPS anymore because now they call it as Cloud VPS. Cloud hosting is similar to the use different utilities, like a person uses a camera attached to the mains. The camera will utilize the power it will require and when it will be on stand-by it will use less power. Same is the case is in the servers of cloud hosting

Cloud based hosting basically lets you to use the resource of different types of severs present in a whole network. Due to this it is a very scalable hosting and it is a host with additional benefits and based around security.


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