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Wood flooring and wooden floors have always been a classic choice for homes, offices, and other buildings for a long time, for their unusual appearance and durability as compared to any other type of flooring. Their perfect finish, low maintenance feature, low cost, appealing and robust appearance, a myriad of color options, better air quality, strength, and age-old charm make them the best among all.


These days, more and more households are turning to wooden floors for these features. And the best part is that these floors come in different designs and types to suit the varied needs and preferences of people.


In this blog, we have provided our readers with a list of different types of wooden flooring and wooden floors and a few tips to maintain them for a long time:


  1. Herringbone Flooring 

This is one of the most fashionable choices in wood flooring and wooden floors that come in different geometric patterns that are most commonly used in museums, mansions, etc. Due to their unique styles, these hardwood floors are one of the most recognizable, among others. They can be customized to perfectly complement your room or house with different choices of colors as well. The patterns are made in much detail, and the surface finish is near to perfection. They are highly durable, as well as keeping the charm alive for years.


  1. Parquet Flooring 

One more type of wood flooring and wooden floors flaunting intricate geometric patterns is Parquet flooring. This style is inspired by the ancient types when it was commonly used in historical buildings and monuments. The geometric patterns are made from small blocks or strips of wood. Different types of woods such as oak, walnut, cherry, lime, pine, and maple are used to design this hardwood flooring to give a decorative effect to your floor.


  1. 2-Strip wooden flooring 

The two strip-wood floorings, as the name itself, suggests, refers to the use of 2 wood strips in a row on the width of a floorboard to create different patterns and color variations. The choice of strips is made to match a unique character and appearance of your room. These types of floors are elegant in appearance and durable as well.


  1. Plank hardwood flooring 

Plank hardwood flooring is yet another appealing choice in wood flooring and wooden floors that provides a classic contemporary look to your house. Their refined appearance with natural details gives an enchanting look to your space. This is undoubtedly a good long-term investment.


However, plank hardwood flooring is divided into two categories, namely, wide plank flooring and narrow plank hardwood flooring:


* Wide plank hardwood flooring: These floors start at around 5 inches (width) and can go up to 12 inches. Wide plank hardwood flooring is best for creating a traditional or rustic look in a space. The rustic appearance is created because the floor makes the grains of the wood and knots evident in its presence. They are available in different color choices.


* Narrow plank hardwood flooring: The width of Narrow plank floors ranges from somewhere between 2 and 4 inches. This style gives a contemporary and clean look to your floor. With more boards on the floor, it is much easier to maintain its good quality.


Top tips for maintaining and cleaning wooden floors:


Most people are of the assumption that wood flooring and wooden floors are difficult to maintain. But that is just a myth. With these following simple tips, you can take care of your floor without much hard work.


  • Immediately wipe away water spills from the wooden floor to prevent stains and damage. Keep water at bay, for it can warp the wood. 
  • Do not walk on your floor with your shoes on. Or rub your shoes on a mat to wipe away all the dirt before entering your place. 
  • A daily dusting is necessary to keep dust and dirt harming the texture of the floor and scratching it. Vacuum cleaning can also be done. But choose the right vacuum attachments. 
  • Use felt protector pads and never drag heavy objects across the floor. 
  • Use sprays or cleaners, specially designed for wooden floors. Do not use a wet mop, chemical-based products or polishes. Follow your floor manufacturers’ cleaning instructions clearly. 
  • If you have a pet, keep their nails trimmed to prevent them from scratching the floor. 
  • Make use of furniture pads to place your furniture on. Don’t drag any items on the floor, heavy or light.

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