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We all are familiar with the term Co-working space. Likewise, there is another term on the way- Co-Living Space!! Co-living is nothing but a place where you live with a different community of people in one space. The demand for co-living spaces is increasing exponentially in those areas that are significantly offering jobs to people from across India. Those who live away from their homes, especially for business or job purposes, take co-living spaces for rent. It seems like we are living in a family because it encompasses a common dining area where all people have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. These accommodations are not only pocket-friendly but also encourage social interaction. 

The Rationale Behind the Co-Living

The majority of people relocate to cities where there are tremendous job opportunities. Those who are working in multinational companies with good packages can choose the flat option, but what about those who can’t afford to live in flats? So, taking flats on rent and then hiring a cook or maid separately costs an arm & a leg. You might also be one of them who’ll be living in a rented space in another city because of your job. Isn’t it so? 


Henceforth, to address these issues, this is a great initiative started by businesses that are getting remarkably popular. Settl. is also providing fully furnished co-living spaces. Now, finding a home that matches your all requirements and an affordable budget has become a cakewalk with them.

Benefits of Co-Living Spaces

The co-living term itself indicates living together like a family with individuals who may or may not know each other. It’s just expanding business pg accommodation that encompasses girls’ PG and boys’ PG. But in Co-living, everyone can live regardless of boy or girl. Let’s check out its benefits:

  • Independent Lifestyle Opportunities

Who doesn’t want to enjoy an independent lifestyle? Of course, independent life is the dream of everyone. Isn’t it so? If you are also one of them, a co-living space is a perfect solution for you guys. Being a newcomer to the city, no one wants restricted life. Everyone wants to enjoy the nightlife independently without any restrictions. A Co-living independent pg matches all the expectations of individuals along with all amenities and ultimate social interaction life. However, if you start exploring the pg accommodation in metropolitan cities with all amenities, such as bed, wardrobe, common kitchen, gym, three-times meal and all, can be quite expensive. In this situation, Co-living spaces are the most preferred choice.

Who does like a house owner living on the same premises? Wouldn’t he or she create problems in your independent lifestyle? Therefore, don’t let these house owners ruin your dreams of living openly. Explore co-living residents as they comprehend your needs and let you live freely like never before. 

  • Say Goodbye to Household Chores

Individuals leave their homes either due to further studies or job purposes. Isn’t it? What if you need to manage all the household maintenance and chores, along with this job or studies? It’ll put a tremendous burden on your shoulders that can’t be tolerated at any cost. Suppose you come home after long working hours like 9 am to 7 PM, and you have to do everything right from cooking to cleaning. Life may become monotonous, frustrating or irritating somewhere. What if cleaning and cooking are done before your arrival, and you get the cooked food on the table? Yes, this dream can be a reality with co-living accommodation facilities. You’ll enjoy complete freedom from all household tasks. Moreover, laundry, iron and all kinds of facilities are available to you in no time. 

  • No Boredom Environment

When you live alone, you might have felt bored several times after office hours. But when one chooses to live in co-living, boredom goes away forever. These co-living accommodations include a fitness gym, yoga classes, games room, and so on. Additionally, they organize quarterly tournaments, cricket matches, badminton, and football games. There are some libraries for book lovers and parties to refresh your mind. The environment is quite optimistic like never before. 

  • Pocket-friendly Accommodation 

Getting affordable accommodation with all premium amenities can be quite labyrinthine, especially in IT cities like Gurugram, Bangalore, Mumbai, or Pune. If you keep searching for the resident, you’ll end up with unfurnished or overpriced accommodation that may not be worthy enough. If you take a private house on rent, the security deposit amount may be equivalent to 10 times its monthly rent. However, co-living only asks for one month’s security deposit. Here, you get single, double, triple sharing rooms depending on your budget factor.


  1. Enjoy Sanitized Environment

The surge of the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed people towards healthy living and a completely clean environment. Co-living has introduced such accommodations at reasonable prices by considering all these factors. They have hired housekeepers who clean your room along with washrooms regularly.


The Bottom Line

We have furnished you with the plethora of benefits of living in Co-living spaces. Co-living PGs have changed the living style of people, pushing them towards an open mind and enjoying living together in a group of communities. If you are looking for accommodation in Gurugram, Hyderabad, and Bangalore locations, Settl. is here to help you out. You’ll end up in hygiene and sanitized living spaces if you approach us. Colive rooms have been providing co-living residents in three locations Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Gurugram. We serve you with customized co-living spaces that provide you with complete flexibility, and you’ll love living there for sure. 


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