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For couples preparing to marry, a thorough guided checklist for wedding preparation is a must-have. It will aid you in effectively planning your big day so you won’t miss out on anything. This will reduce your stress and uncertainty while also remaining within your budget and without wasting time. 

The list below will cover the essential components of a thorough wedding planning. Check together with a definite timeline on how to execute each aspect. Take note of the advice and recommendations so that you can get insights and be on time for the preparation process. 

A. 12 months before the wedding 

In a span of one year, it is crucial to identify the size and overall conceptualization of the wedding, including its theme, number of guests, and level of its simplicity or lavishness. This is important so you can set the budget and decide on which wedding day aspect you as a couple would like to highlight. Along with this is to determine which church or venue you would like the wedding to be held so you can reserve it ahead of time and select the most special final date close to your heart. 

B. 6 to 9 months before the wedding

The wedding attire is one of what the guests are looking forward to, especially the bride. To have a well-done and ultimately planned personalized wedding attire, couples should have the final supplier or shop to design and produce the clothing for at least 6 to 9 months before the wedding date. Your entourage should be informed and have them confirm to attend the event. Furthermore, setting the complete and final guest list is advisable in this period to book the caterer and set your budget for this as this is one of the highest expenses. 

Finalizing your leads for the caterer, decorator, photographer, light and sounds, and wedding coordinator who can organize your transportation and program flow should be all wrapped up to avoid stresses and misalignment to all other wedding aspects. As these wedding aspects are crucial, you can definitely coordinate among the top experienced wedding planners – CT Wedding Group

C. 3 to 5 months before the wedding

By this period, according to the finalized number of guests and guests, you could have a definite amount of budget to plan for the menu so your caterer can plan ahead and coordinate with their suppliers too. Moreover, as you get any updates for your wedding attire, you can select and schedule the make-up artists and look for an accessory that perfectly matches the style of your wedding attire and overall theme. This is also the perfect time to send invitations to your guests so they can block their schedules and confirm their attendance. You can then finalize the number of guests and adjust or add guests to replace or substitute those who decline the invitation.

D. 1 to 2 months before the wedding

From 1 to 2 months, the seating arrangement should be finalized along with the matching decorations according to the seating arrangement and layout at the event. This is also the time to get an update from your suppliers, including the caterer, lighting and sounds, photography, etc., to plan and make them note every single detail you want for the day of the event. 

And the very exciting part is the purchase of wedding rings. This process takes time as selecting the best wedding ring and adhering to your sizes perfectly takes time to process because of some adjustments, customization, engraving, etc., that should take place.

E. 1 week before the wedding

By this time, your wedding attire should be in preparation and up for fitting. Thus, by the way you look, you can foresee which shoes fit well and look magically with the gown. Therefore, you can already shop for your special shoes for the day. It is also essential to confirm with your suppliers or vendors and see to it that everything is prepared and arranged. Packing your clothes for your honeymoon can be done during this period if you have anything planned. 

F. The Wedding Day

Relax, enjoy, and be grateful for the day that has come, and your efforts and dream shall be realized in a matter of hours!


Understanding your concept and finding the right kind of suppliers that defines solutions to your needs at the perfect time is all you need for a successful wedding without spending too much. This lets you do a DIY process in setting up the event. But the need for the expertise of wedding coordinators and wedding planners will guarantee the life of the party.

In conclusion, wedding preparations may be both thrilling and demanding. However, everything may be organized and go well with a thorough wedding planning checklist, especially with the help of wedding planners. By calmly planning ahead and following the above checklist, you will be provided with a detailed guide for a successful and fruitful wedding.

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