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The scope of personal care is rather huge. When an individual is unable to care for themselves because of age or illness, they may consider seeking support from professionals without moving out of their home. The demand for personal care professionals has increased manifold over the years, especially among seniors who would rather stay home than in an assisted living facility. The best thing about personal care services is the extent of flexibility one can enjoy with their choice. Below are some key details worth knowing. 

Common personal care options

  1. Live-in care. As the name indicates, live-in care is a form of personal care, where the healthcare professional lives with the person in need. For instance, if you are recovering from surgery and need someone to do your dressing a few times during the day, you may want to consider this option. This is also the most expensive type of personal care as the professional must leave their home and live with you, but you can also expect undivided attention. 
  2. Visiting Care. If you need someone to just come over and do a few chores every day for a few hours, visiting care is for you. Most caregivers usually work for more than one patient, and you can have a say about the schedule and work they do. If you can independently care for yourself for most hours of the day, this can be a good option. 
  3. Elderly Care. The name is self-explanatory. If you are aged 65 or above, you may want to get elderly care. This form of personal care is ideal for seniors who have lost mobility or are dealing with illnesses and concerns like dementia. Professionals who work for seniors and provide elderly care often have years of experience in the field and specialized training. 

Personal care is not just for the elderly. Many young people may also need personal care on a temporary basis. The work of the professional caregiver depends on what you expect of them. For instance, some people may hire a caregiver to do everything in the house, while others may only help with errands and driving around. The good news is you can have the choice to decide and will only pay for the hours they work for. You can check online for local personal care services, and before you choose one, ensure that they have a dedicated screening process to hire caregivers and healthcare professionals. 


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