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You Will Likely See Something Totally Unique as a Parent

There are billions of people in the world, but trillions of stars, and quadrillions of planets. The point is, more than a billion individual, unique “things” exist. Even though billions of parents have been born, had children, and passed on, there are still totally “novel” experiences you will have as a parent which can’t be replicated elsewhere, and won’t be.

It’s the same with non-parents regarding different things. Every human being is unique, and has unique experiences. So when two unique humans make a third individual, there will be features of that situation which are totally new, even if similar to what others have gone through in the past.

Accordingly, you can’t really be prepared for parenthood for the same reason you can’t be prepared for life. But like in life, consultation and advance preparation helps you overcome unexpected obstacles. Following we’ll explore several most parents are likely to encounter.

1. Complications During Pregnancy

The way the baby sits in your womb, your physical constitution at a genetic level, emotional issues, financial issues, and more can complicate your pregnancy. Hopefully you have a reliable OB/GYN in advance to help alert you of particularly dangerous health issues. Whether or not you do, you should expect some situations you had hoped to avoid.

What makes sense is going consciously into pregnancy. Sometimes you can’t plan a baby, but if you can be prepared as a couple beforehand, both residentially and financially, that makes associated health complications less of an issue. If you haven’t planned so well, acquiring reliable medical help right away is still quite helpful.

2. Problems With Nursing After the Birth

Mastitis, nipple injury, expression issues, latching issues; all are something you may well experience as a new mom. Even experienced mothers sometimes encounter lactation issues rooted in psychological phenomena. For these and other common problems of breastfeeding, consultation through breastfeeding professionals makes a lot of sense.

3. Minor Child Injuries and Spousal Conflict

Boys get broken limbs and have teeth knocked out as they develop; expect at minimum one of either if you are carrying a baby boy to term. Girls tend to avoid “physical” injuries, but they get very legitimate “emotional” injuries that can lead to seriously dangerous behavior even before a young girl reaches adolescence. Once she’s a teenager, all bets are off.

Also, there’s no marriage totally free from spousal conflict. As the stress of parenthood, residential management, and career requirements combine, there’s bound to be friction. This friction can overtake your ability to properly care for your child, so you need to know that possibility and consciously restrain yourselves as parents for the sake of the child.

Overcoming Hard Problems as a Parent

Minor injuries, spousal issues, lactation problems, and pregnancy complications are things most parents experience in some way at some time. If you can anticipate these things, and prepare in advance, it will help you overcome such difficulties with less discomfort.

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