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Italy is a country in South-Central Europe, a country that looks like the shape of a boat. Historically the home of myriad people This land is consists of some amazing eye-widening landscape of the world. At the top of Italy lies the Alps, which is one of the toughest and rough mountains of the world. The country had an amazing range of landscapes, Historical places, Mountain ranges, active volcanoes, and whatnot. If you are planning to visit this marvelous country with your friends or family and looking for some places to visit, then you came to the right article. In this article, I am going to tell you about the tallest building in Italy. It’s UniCredit Tower Milan. Milan is situated in Northern Italy. It’s the capital of Lombardy and is the second-most populous city in Italy after Rome.

The idea behind building UniCredit Tower

When providing Office space to the people to become challenging in Italy, they come to a solution, which was innovation, leading to the inauguration of UniCredit Tower. This tower accommodates almost 4,000 employs. This project is the largest Urban redevelopment program completed in Milan. Inside the tower, almost 30% of the floors are allotted to communal spaces. The airy, Well-lit, and transparent rooms are an ideal workplace for anyone. The tower has 31 floors of 230 meters from which 152 are in the body, and 78 are in the spire. Tower 2 has 21 floors per 100 meters high, and Tower 3 has 11 floors with 50 meters’ height.

The building is owned by UniCredit Bank, and it is their headquarters. The Building shows an amazing view of the city Milan. The curved form of the building encloses Piazza Gae Aulenti, which is a new public place. The building is surrounded by shops, parks, cafes, green parks, playgrounds for kids, and a dog park as well. As the tower is used for office purpose, there is no crowd of tourists, and you can enjoy with your friends and family peacefully.

Why visit UniCredit Tower?

  • The tallest building in Italy.
  • Emporis Award-winning tower
  • Beautiful piece of Architecture
  • Owns a beautiful view
  • Lies in the heart of the city Milan
  • A peaceful place to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Not an overcrowded spot.
  • Surrounded by beautiful parks and shops

Architecture of UniCredit Tower

UniCredit Tower was designed by an architect César Pell. It has a height of 231 meters (758ft.) this building has secured the title of one of the tallest buildings in Italy. This tower was even awarded by Emporis Skyscraper Awards in 2012 and ranked in the eighth position due to its fine and aesthetic design.

The building comprised of three towers. Covering an area of seven hectares. The main towers Are asymmetrical leads up into a sculptural, stainless steel spire. The three towers are covered with a refractive glass. The whole building is covered with LED lights. Apart from the building, the Spire has constant night lightning. These lights are lit differently according to every different occasion like its lit Green to represent the Christmas tree. On 14 and 15 of June 2014, it was adorned in red color to celebrate 150 years of Italian Red Cross.

On March 1, 2014, it was lit with lilac on the occasion of the opening of the Isola and Porta Garibaldi FS. On November 14, 2015, the spire was lit with the colors of the French flag for the victims of Stade de France and the Bataclan theater in Paris. On June 13, 2016, it was lit with the colors of the rainbow flag to remember the 49 victims’ Orlando massacre in Florida. Recently on two march 2020, the spire was lit with colors of the Italian flag to show solidarity for the Italian citizens affected by COVID 19.

The most iconic part of the building is its spire, which has a height of 80.5 meters. It was made piece by piece with the help of a helicopter and a lot of skilled workers on October 12, 2011. Because of the weather conditions in Milan, the spire is made with perforated steel to avoid ice formation.

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