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WROCLAW, Poland, Feb. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, has announced that it will soon launch an ICO of its ecosystem that enriches the NFT market with a real-world value.

A market that needs to mature

Non-fungible tokens are nothing new in the world of cryptocurrencies. Their origin dates back to 2017, and their growth of notoriety came with the rise of CryptoKitties, a game that involved breeding virtual kittens, each with unique visual features that set them apart.

Each cat was based on the NFT, which is a non-replaceable and indivisible ERC-721 token. Trading unique, digital cats has become so popular back then, that it quickly used up Ethereum’s bandwidth limit, clogging its network and leading to sky-high transaction fees.

Hundreds of applications have been created since then, and the NFTs have become a tool to create virtual scarcity. Non-fungible tokens are already representing virtual lands, trading cards and even unique memes or gifs. All of these use cases have two easy-to-see things in common: they exist only on the web and their price is based purely on speculation and hype. is the bridge between NFT and real-world value

The main goal of is to bring real value to the NFT market. It is a fully functional ecosystem made for creating and managing NFTs based on the value of real physical objects. The core of the entire platform is an extensive generator that allows you to create your own clothing or accessories and then issue tokens which represent these items on the blockchain. Everyone can use the platform, but is targeting mainly influencers, youtubers and other celebrities who will be able to create unique, special collections for their fans.

However, the innovation does not end there. A token representing the item can be sold, used as a financial asset in NFT-fi ecosystems or burned in exchange for receiving its content in a true physical form, made by sewing companies cooperating with Each item has two QR codes printed on it. There are one leading to the ID of a given token and a second leading to the ID of its burn transaction, where the digital signature of the item ownership can be found.

Thanks to this solution, you can easily prove an unquestionable authenticity of the product and the data of its rightful owner.

Additionally, the integrated marketplace allows you to trade tokens between users, but also to create your own brand or online store with its own unique address, landing page and price lists.

Ecosystem with a broad range of functions

In addition to the generator and marketplace, the Uniqly ecosystem has several additional functionalities which further expand the platform capabilities, making it a true command center for the physical goods locked on the blockchain.

For example, there is an escrow for physical items where acts as a trusted third party. Thanks to this solution, tokenizing even already existing physical goods becomes possible. How? The interested party may send their product to the headquarters, where it is verified and deposited. The item owner may then receive a NFT counterpart of the deposited item, representing its value on the blockchain, which allows him to take advantage of all the unique financial opportunities described above.

On the other hand we have the NFT materialization service. Anyone who is a rightful owner of NFT bought elsewhere, showing a character, card, or a meme, may exchange it for a physical, 3D-printed model, an image, etc.

A detailed description of the entire ecosystem and available functionalities can be found at: and in the whitepaper.

You can also watch a short introductory video HERE.

Public sale – launching soon!

The economy of the platform is based on the UNIQ token, the public sale of which starts at the beginning of March. Having a UNIQ token opens up the way to a number of amenities and financial benefits. These include discounts on items and fees, dividends on platform profits, staking, or exclusive content and collections reserved for holders.

The ICO consists of 4 rounds. With each subsequent round the price of the token will be increasing. The first one was an already closed private sale. The next 3 rounds are public.

The exact rules of token distribution and a detailed roadmap showing the planned stages of development are described in the whitepaper.

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