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Mother, who maintains the house, takes care of the children and cooks delicious things… But for many years we have known that the mother not only coordinates everything that has to do with the house and the children but also who also works outside the home with impetus and efficiency.

Today’s moms are engineers, plumbers, secretaries, doctors, artists, lawyers, nurses, merchants, architects, bakers, IT experts, physicists… (and the list is endless, as the tasks of the labor market are endless)

So you have to give mom something special because she is a special person!

No: “the latest version of frying pan” or “the new generation of vacuum cleaner”! Those are not suitable gifts for mom!

Mother’s Day has to be celebrated as it deserves: with something that is beautiful, that adds more glamor to her days and that fills her with joy, and what better than a jewel to achieve that goal?

Luxuria jewelry proposals for mom

How about a beautiful pendant with an authentic precious stone of important dimensions? Thanks to Luxuria jewelry brand, you can decide on a piece of jewelry with an authentic gemstone even of large dimensions, such as a blue topaz or an amethyst without having to shell out insane amounts of money.

A magical jewelry proposal

Opal is known as a magical gem, due to its wonderful opalescence, its extraordinary play of color that makes it a totally suggestive gem. Black opals carry with them all the mystery of the universe! An excellent dark body opal offering is the wonderful Mezezo Opal, sourced from Shewa Province, about 200 km north of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This particular opal has a dark body and that is why it is known as “Chocolate Opal” , at the same time it shows a fascinating opalescence in its interior of clearly neon colors, which include red, green, blue, violet, orange. , yellow and magenta.

They are wonderful gems, they look wonderful in earrings as well as in rings and pendants … but why not surprise mom with an exciting Mezezo opal bracelet?

A diamond is forever

Diamonds are forever, in every sense! They do not go out of style, they are the most durable gem par excellence, we never want to part with them and we have them as an integral part of our collection of “family jewels”.

An excellent alternative to give to mom: a pair of diamond earrings! Jewels with these gems, many more can be found in the Luxuria collections, which offer you an innumerable variety of designs at much more affordable prices than on the free market.

If mom is someone special who deserves a special gift, Luxuria is the ideal online jewelry to find that gift. The chosen jewel will be accompanied by its certificate of authenticity that guarantees the genuineness of the gem and the precious metal used. Don’t hesitate a second longer and this Mother’s Day give the gift of glamour: browse our online store and you will find truly exciting and beautiful gift proposals!

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