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Admirers do not need any further explanations, but for novices, the term “Art Deco” might be new. In simple words, the term refers to the styles dating back to the 1920s or 1930s. The artistic and geometrized styles of handmade jewellery will make you admire them instantaneously. Even today, Art Deco is regarded as one of the most unique styles in the world of jewellery design. Thus, it hardly comes as a surprise, that it has a stupendous fan base all around the globe. If you are yet to witness the wonderful spectacle of craftsmanship of art deco jewellery, you should do so without further delay, particularly, if you love collecting jewellery items.

The use of bold designs and valuable materials

Art Deco is primarily characterized by its materials and designs. Generally, precious stones were indispensable that coupled with bold designs. Materials such as platinum and diamonds are commonly evident in the aforesaid form. The use of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires was also common. The idea was to symbolize the wealth, elegance, and sophistication of that period. If you search online for references, you will find a wide array of art deco forms that represent unique designs with a touch of modernization.

The acute precision in detailing

Each of the jewellery pieces that fall in the art deco category is special, as the craftsmanship reflects the artisan’s efficiency in detailing. Every single piece of jewellery was crafted so meticulously that it became a hallmark of exquisiteness.

Art Deco passed the test of time

Quite understandably, art deco jewllery owing to its unique craftsmanship remained a favorite for generations. Thus, despite the changing times and varied preferences art deco jewellery passing from one generation to another hasn’t lost its relevance. Unlike other vintage jewellery items, art deco pieces are very uncommon in real estate sales or in auction houses. After all, who would want to part away with such an exquisite item?

Historical relevance

The historical value of art deco jewllery makes it all the more coveted product among everyone. For the unaware, the artisans were heavily inspired by different historical and cultural sources that led them to craft such fantastic pieces of jewllery. Thus, in the true sense, each material retains a timeless quality and it enthralls the jewllery lovers of every era in the same way. We are living in an era where jewllery is mass-produced, and it can never recreate the charm and sophistication of the art deco pieces.

Art Deco jewllery blends with modern tastes

We already mentioned earlier, the craftsman of art deco jewllery were great visionaries. Despite the age, all of their creative excellences had a touch of modernization. So, it efficiently blends with modern jewllery items.

Art Deco jewllery is a rare and precious investment

As you can understand, art deco jewllery wasn’t created in bulk. Often, it would take months before a piece of jewllery could be ready for use. The abovementioned exclusiveness makes it a collector’s item. Similarly, owing to its historical importance and rarity, it is considered a smart investment too. Since they are available in limited numbers, and their demand shows no signs of receding, their value increases over time. Thus, it becomes a priceless and valuable collection.

Art Deco items are sustainable

Every art deco item also falls under the vintage or antique jewllery category. Undoubtedly, it is sustainable and eco-friendly, as it does not require mining which can harm the ecological balance.

Places to buy art deco jewllery

Presently, although limited, you do have various options for buying art deco jewllery. To start off, you can make rounds at the antique shops. Then, you have the option of browsing different online portals like eBay and Etsy. A few auction houses also keep these prized items and make them available for sale.

Unleash the beauty of art deco

The exhaustive list of advantages of art deco jewllery makes it unique and offers the opportunity to stun the onlookers. When you wear an art deco item, it would boost your confidence several notches. Even if you pair an art deco jewllery with simple and sober outfits, the jewllery will attract the eyes of the onlookers. If you manage to collect art deco pieces from different periods, it will amplify your beauty further.

Art deco jewllery also gives you the opportunity to customize it. So, you can add a precious stone of your liking to it. Rest assured, it would set a new benchmark in styling. Furthermore, art deco jewllery goes very well with layering. Thus, you can experiment with various types of other jewllery and showcase sophistication. We believe, now you have enough reasons to invest in an art deco jewllery.

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