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Wall Mount Study Table

Your posture says a lot about you even when you don’t use such words and gestures. Stand tall and you come across confident, striding a room. Sit slouched and chances are you will experience the exhaustion and lack of confidence your posture depicts. A good posture is absolutely vital to the human body to function at its optimal best, apart from making you feel good. It encourages good blood circulation, removes pressure points in the body, allows the natural and neutral position of the spine to exist amongst many other benefits. With work from home being the preferred option for many schools and offices, it is important to check if your existing workspace works in your best interest, a better posture. If not, it is worth looking into options like a Sophia Wall Mount Study table from Wakefit that is not only good for setting the right posture when sitting long hours but is an excellent space saver as well. Read on to know more:

The Right Posture

Working from home has opened gates to the most awkward workspaces at home and seating positions, your sofa, the bed, a coffee table, floating kitchen tables, the list is endless. Imagine sitting in these positions for extended hours without apt support from head to toe? It most certainly invites all types of chronic pains over time among other health risks while fighting off the many distractions that arise from the environment.  Before we share tips on how to maintain the right posture, it is important to understand what the right posture is.

Our spine is naturally curved in an S-shape and has three segments to the curve, at the neck, mid-back and lower back. The ideal posture while seated should maintain these curves as is without increasing them in any form. A good rule of thumb is to maintain the head above shoulders and top of the shoulders over the hips, aligned. The benefits of maintaining the right posture while working are many:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Lesser headaches
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Good circulation of blood and digestion
  • Lesser neck and shoulder stiffness and many more.

How to Maintain the Right Posture:

Having lesser distractions from body aches and poor posture-related issues means you have more time to be productive, creative and can deliver your absolute best when sitting on your desk. So here are some tips to maintain the right posture:

  1. Study table

Using a dedicated space to do your work not only improves your focus, productivity and creativity but is a boon to your physical body too. Invest in a sturdy wooden study table design that allows plenty of knee and leg space while you sit close to the desk.

  1. Maintain Correct Posture when Sitting:

It is normal to slip into a slouch when deeply involved in a task. Especially when doing something that requires concentration and it takes away your attention from your posture. This results in neck and back pain over the course of time. So make sure your head is in an upright position when viewing the screen. Shoulders must be relaxed with elbows close to the sides. Ensure to maintain the screen or book at eye level so that there is a minimal strain to the neck.

  1. Correct Placement of Items on the Desk

Your laptop or computer screen with keyboard and mouse must all be placed in a neutral position where you don’t have to stretch out as much to access it. Screens at eye level, keyboards and mouse at 90 degrees and a palm rest when using the latter to avoid strains to the wrist and arm.

  1. Chair

An ergonomic chair is absolutely important with the right desk. The chair should be supportive to the neck, back, hips and legs. Aim to maintain the correct vertical posture on the chair without needing to lean forward while working. Brands like Wakefit offer excellent high back chairs that also have a synchro-tilt mechanism for extra comfort.

  1. Lighting

Low lighting can make you feel sleepy and lethargic, which directly reflects on your posture too. Use a study lamp or sit in a well-lit room that doesn’t cause eye strain needing you to lean forward into your study or work material.

  1. Breaks

As much as that deadline is ringing in closer, it is important to take frequent breaks.  Doing this will stretch out any cramped muscles and improve blood circulation. Use this time to stretch out the neck, back, fingers, wrists, arms, toes and shoulders to release any tension within. In addition, taking a break can refresh the mind and body into a fresher perspective regarding the work task to be completed.

A Study Table for better Posture and Productivity

Living in the city and perhaps sharing a home with other family members means a restriction in space too. If you are unable to create a special office/study room for your work requirements, invest in a wall mount study table. Wakefit’s Sofia Wall Mount study table is a sleek and unique solution for those cramped for space but needing a dedicated study for themselves. With 5 compartments inside, it has plenty of space to store all your items neatly while accessing them with no fuss. Being a wall mount table, you can open it as needed and ‘shut shop’ once done for the day without taking up floor space.  This open-close option helps segregate work time from the rest of the day allowing you to separate both and encourage relaxing time when closed.  With reasonable desk and storage space, you have plenty of space to keep the few items you need on the desk while storing the rest in the compartments, that are within reach. This way, you are not leaning or reaching out too much, stressing your body while working.

These tables are extremely easy to maintain needing just a soft, damp cloth to wipe them down every now and then. What more, if you get tired of it as a work desk, these can be doubled as a showcase of all your knick-knacks including accolades, photographs, indoor plants and many such. Ease into a better posture with a comfortable, stylish, sleek study table, be it your office or your home.


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