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Brands use customized apparel boxes that are designed specifically and perfectly to enhance their products’ visual appeal. These products could be:

  • Shirts
  • Skirts
  • Tops
  • Trousers
  • Pants
  • Belts
  • Ties
  • Jackets

These premium wholesale boxes become your brand’s ambassadors and market it on a new level. Moreover, these top quality boxes are made to be long lasting and to be able to protect the delicate apparel products from damage and harms during shipping and transportation. Additionally, these boxes are made from environment friendly materials that ensure the safety of the climate and makes them a sustainable option.

Moreover, your brand can use these wholesale luxury boxes to make a staple image for itself, that you provide your customers with only high quality luxury products, making a distinct image and name for your brand in the market. Additionally, there are various different customizations that allow you to pick the size, shape or style of your packaging which gives you complete control over everything and allows you to make them truly distinct and unique.

Tricks to Make the Best Wholesale Apparel Boxes

With so many important advantages, we are sure that if you’re an apparel brand owner you are thinking of getting these apparel boxes for your brand, and if you are looking for special wholesale apparel packaging boxes, you can follow the below listed tips and tricks which will help you select the best apparel packaging boxes for your brand.

Use of Customized Unique Shapes

The shape of the box is of utmost importance as it not only makes your box appear unique, but also determine its integrity, since the dynamics play a vital role in the durability of a packaging box. So here are some popular box shapes that are widely used due to their unique appearance and strong dynamics.

Customized Boxes that Roll It Up

A great way to make your packaging distinct is to use boxes that can be rolled, as it helps save you some extra material which makes them easy on the pocket, whereas makes it easier for the customers carry them around and saves them a lot of extra space, since they can be rolled so they are not very bulky and are mobile and compact. This art of rolling up the apparel products makes them exciting and fun to have.

Hangers Style Premium Apparel Boxes

This might be a difficult design however, it is just as effective, which makes it highly popular among the customer base. You can design apparel packaging boxes that are shapes like hangers. Which gives you the following benefits:

  • You do not need extra carry bags to give with your boxes.
  • You customers do not have to worry about the storage of the apparel products, as they can be just hanged, which saves the time of ironing and makes them ready to use at any moment.

You can even add a personal touch by including hooks with customized prints of your brand, making them more exclusive.

Tissue Roll Slider Custom Apparel Boxes

A popular design that is truly unique in every aspect is the tissue box design, which is very fun to have as it requires customers to pull out their apparel products like a tissue paper, rather than flipping the top to open the packaging.

This idea has become popular with kids apparel products, as it is as interesting and unique design and we know how much kids love unique things, so this packaging style helps fascinate them and attract them towards the product. You can make them more interesting by adding customized graphics or message to the boxes.

Adding a Touch of Bling

If you truly want to stand out, then we suggest that you go for apparel packaging boxes that pack a touch of shimmer or spark to them. what we mean is to make packaging that is shiny unique and sparkly, making it the most unique on the shelf among a bunch of other different boxes.

You can get them as detailed as you want. For that you can use:

  • Sparkles
  • Glitters
  • Holograph Design
  • Shimmer
  • Ribbons
  • Bows
  • Patching

This design was especially made for ladies as shimmers and sparkles are more popular among female customers.

Although the above mentioned shapes are popular with the customers, however it is not necessary for you to pick one of them. If you feel like it you can make you own distinct shape and design that will be exclusive to your brand and will not be easy to be copied.

Moreover, you can select you desired materials, prints and add-ons which allows you to make them according to your requirements and to use them for marketing just as you want.

These days you can get all your requirements fulfilled with these specific boxes, as they are made on your instructions so they work as a charm for your brand. these fully customized boxes are a great investment to make your brand more popular and efficient with its packaging.

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