Use Your Old Android Tablet for These 5 Activities

If you’ve upgraded to a new Android tablet, don’t discard your old device. While it may lack resale value, there are numerous methods to reuse an old Android rugged military tablet and breathe new life into your old Android tablet.

1.Modify It to Become an Android Alarm Clock

Convert the old tablet into an Android alarm clock that also displays the weather in your bedroom. If you don’t want to utilize the basic alarm clock software that comes with the old smartphone, download an alarm clock app. Adjust the alarm to wake you up on weekdays and sleep in on weekends.

Additionally, you might install a weather alert app that will wake you up in the event of an emergency. These instruments are critical in areas prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe weather events. If you are unable to hear the outdoor weather sirens, a weather alert app can be a lifesaver.

An interactive calendar and to-do list are displayed.

Use the old tablet as a calendar or to-do list in the living room. Keep household members informed and on track with Google Calendar or another task management app.

2.Construct a Digital Picture Frame

A used Android tablet makes an excellent digital photo frame. Configure it to play a slideshow of photographs from Google Photos, Flickr, or another photo-sharing service, and distribute them across your home.

Another possibility is to load the old tablet with images and offer it as a present to a less tech-savvy loved one. If the old tablet has a front-facing camera, it also functions well as a mirror.

3.Ask for Assistance in the Kitchen

Install the old tablet in the kitchen and use applications like AllRecipes to view recipes while you cook. If you’re too busy cleaning to watch a movie, use the old tablet to distract yourself while loading the dishwasher.

Additionally, you can stream music using apps like as Pandora or Slacker Radio. Radio apps operate in the background, even on the majority of older tablet models, allowing you to hunt up that pecan pie recipe while dancing to your favorite tunes.

4.Automation of the Home

Android has made significant progress in the area of home automation, and now enables apps for automating lights, thermostats, and other smart devices. You may use an old Android tablet as a central hub for controlling your house without the need to locate your phone or another device.


An outdated Android tablet may be converted into an excellent e-book reader, and the process is rather simple. The majority of e-book readers are Android-based, and the e-reader software that enable them are freely available in the Google Play Store. Install your preferred e-book reader and configure the tablet so that it launches the app by default.


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