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There is a massive increase in the number of bike riders in the UK in recent years. Different factors are responsible for this surge. Firstly, bike riding has become safer over the years in the UK. Secondly, people are preferring more eco-friendly options these days. Besides, bike riding has become a great medium of physical workout for people having a sedentary lifestyle, especially since the pandemic.

The pandemic has given birth to many new bikers who will be soon experiencing their first winter of cycling. Since winter can be tough on your bikes, it’s important to take good care of your bikes or visit a bike mechanic in advance to prepare your bike for winter. If you are looking for some useful bike maintenance tips for winters, we have got you covered. In this article, we will share useful bike riding tips in winter and make you keep riding through to spring. 

So, Let’s start.

Why Is Winter Bad for Your Bikes?

Many bikes get laid off during winter or are used rarely. People usually store their bikes in their garages during winter to prevent them from getting damaged. Nonetheless, bikes that are allowed to sit idle for a long time can also perform badly. So, it’s advisable to use bikes in winter too. However, winter means bad weather and it can be dangerous for your bikes. It’s the time when mud, snow, water, and other debris can make your bike perform poorly. Moreover, winter also offers more resistance to bike riding, resulting in damaged brakes and drive trails. 

Unlike cars, all moving parts of a bike like bolts, cables, drive trail, etc. are exposed to poor weather conditions in winter. It is likely in that case for water to sit on any moving part of your bike. As a result, the moving parts can corrode or get damaged easily. 

Therefore, it’s important to take extra care of your bikes during winter. 

Bike Maintenance Tips for Winter

Clean Your Bike Regularly:

Getting back with a dirty bike after a ride is common in winter. It is therefore extremely important to clean your bike after every ride. Although it’s a bit troublesome to wash your bike every now and then, it’s good for your bike. Simply rinse your bike with water to remove dirt and grime, and let it dry. This way, your bike will not only remain shiny and free from debris, but your bike’s machinery will also work perfectly fine. 

Lubrication Is Must:

Winter roads offer more friction to your bike. It can drastically affect your bike’s performance. In order to keep your bike running smoothly, it’s advisable to lubricate your bike’s chain or drive trail more often in winter. You can oil bolts and other moving parts too to avoid friction and corrosion.

Visit a Bike Mechanic Weekly:

It’s important to get your bike serviced once a week during winter. Make sure you make it a habit to visit a nearby bike mechanic shop to get your bike checked properly for any damage. A professional wash is also required for your bike in winter. No matter if you clean your bike regularly, there is nothing like a professional cleaning your bike. Furthermore, a bike service will take care of your bike’s greasing and loose chains and bolts. 

Keep Puncture Repair Kits Handy:

You should always carry a puncture repair kit with yourself on your ride in winter. Keeping spare inner tubes and a puncture kit helps you from unlikely situations where you are unable to find a nearby mechanic repair shop. Otherwise, you will get stuck for hours in such cold conditions. In short, you should always leave prepared for a bike ride in winter. 

Use Mudguards:

Don’t think twice before investing in good mudguards in winter. Mudguards protect your bike from mud, dirt, and other debris. It means you will spend less time cleaning your bikes if you invest in good quality mudguards. Mudguards also keep your bike dry during winter, preventing corrosion. 

Switch to Winter Tyres:

Get your bike’s tyres replaced with sturdy winter tyres to keep it going. Harder wearing tyres will prevent punctures and make bike riding safer during winter. Tyres are more vulnerable to get punctured during winter because of the presence of debris on the roads. Therefore, they need extra attention and care too. 

Besides, you can follow some safety tips to avoid accidents in winter. 

Clean Lights and Reflectors:

You cannot avoid riding in the dark during winter. Therefore, it’s important to ride safely to avoid any accidents. It’s suggested to give a wipe to all lights and reflectors of your bike before every ride. 

Warm Clothing:

Don’t forget to wear warm clothes and cover up yourself properly during winter bike rides. Also, it’s advisable to not go out on a bike ride if the weather is too stormy. It can not only make you fall sick, but can also lead to road accidents. 

Take Breaks During Long Rides:

If you are planning to go on a long bike ride in winter, make sure you stop often or take enough breaks in between your journey to stop your fingers from getting numb. Riding with numb fingers can result in accidents, therefore you should avoid it at all costs. 

Final Thoughts 

Although bike maintenance is crucial throughout the year, you need to take extra care of your bikes in winter. Bikes are more prone to get damaged during this time because of bad weather, snow, and unclean roads. Therefore, regular bike servicing is advisable to keep your bike in a good working condition. Besides seeing a bike mechanic on a weekly basis, you might consider following the tips given in this article to maintain your bikes in winter. 

Don’t let winter impact your cycling schedule. Ride without any fear even in winter with our amazing tips. From lubricating your bikes to preventing your bike’s moving parts from corrosion, we have shared many helpful tips that will help you ride confidently in winter without causing any damage to your bike. 

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