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Useful Tire Tips for the Great Road Trip, <![CDATA[Useful Tire Tips for the Great Road Trip,]]>

Useful Tire Tips for the Great Road Trip   Naveed Ganatra Best friends, favorite playlist, road trip and lots of fun. A perfect combination isn’t it! But hang on! Before you head on for this amazing road trip, it’s imperative for you to consider saving money and headache that might occur. Therefore, experts have suggested some useful tips that you must consider to prepare your car tires before heading to your destination. So let’s dive in; Under-Inflated Tires Only 15% of people that own car knows the right way to check tire pressure Says Rubber Manufacturers Association. Do you know why it’s important to have your car tires inflated properly? Because billions of gallons of fuel are being wasted due to under-inflated tires. Drivers should know that properly inflated tires will improve the fuel efficiency by 3%. Studies have also confirmed that under inflated car tires are likely to lower the gas mileage by 0.2% of every one psi drop in pressure. In short, save money and have a safe & longer lasting drive with properly inflated tires. Check Tire Pressure Regularly You should check the tire pressure once every month. And if you’re heading for the long trip, make sure you check it right before that. You know about the best time to check the tire pressure? It’s when the tires are cold – like when the car has not be driven for over 3 hours. If you’re wondering about the tire pressure of your car, it can be found in the car’s owner manual (it’s mostly on the driver’s side door, the door post and the gas tank lid). Make sure that the tire pressure is same on the tires of each axle. Many people go wrong at this point. They never bother to check the valve caps properly. Just make sure that you check the valve caps to protect the valves from dust and dirt. It would surely be of great help in preventing the air leakage. And if the valve caps are missing, make sure you get the new one and replace without further delay. Get the Spare Tire It’s a proactive gesture of being ready for different inconvenient circumstance when you carry a spare tire in your vehicle regularly. But when you’re heading for the road trip, it’s more than essential for you to have a spare tire. But that’s not enough. Since it’s likely to be utilized in the times of need, it also should be taken care of along with other four tires. So make sure you inspect your car tires for proper tire pressure as well as any prominent issues once every month. Keep in mind that the tires age too. In case you have been using the spare tire for quite some time, the tire has come when you should consider replacing it. There are many great deals online you’ll stumble upon when browsing phrases like the best quality car tyre in Dubai, etc. so get the pick the high-quality premium car tyres and enjoy the smooth ride. Summary Do you want to learn more about effective tire tips for the best road trip? Just check out the article now]]>

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